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New to using CBD? Here’s why you should trust Mee CBD and consider making it a part of your daily routine.

CBD is now one of the most popular natural remedies used in modern society. People use the cannabinoid to treat a range of physical and mental conditions. The compound’s rapid rise in popularity means many people have questions surrounding the legitimacy and effectiveness of CBD as a medication. However, as we continue to research the properties and capabilities of the cannabis-derived compound, it’s a reputable and safe plant extract that has the power and potential to transform modern medicine.

What is CBD?

Although CBD is an increasingly popular treatment, its segregation from prescription drugs means many everyday people remain unaware of CBD and its incredible qualities.

CBD is one of the 113 compounds in the Cannabis Sativa plant. Along with THC, CBD is a better-known cannabinoid and accounts for up to 30% of the flower.

When we consume CBD, it reacts with our endocannabinoid system (ECS). The ECS contains lots of endocannabinoids. Endocannabinoids are neurotransmitters that connect with cannabinoid receptors (CBRS). The ECS is responsible for several bodily functions, including brain chemical production, aiding digestions, influencing the inflammation process, memory, and more. [1] [2] 

CBD interacts with our ECS receptors, influencing their function. One well-known effect of CBD is its reaction with our type 1 receptors in our central nervous system. Type 1 receptors are responsible for producing mood-influencing chemicals serotonin and dopamine. When we consume CBD, it regulates brain chemical function, lessening symptoms of mental health conditions such as anxiety and depression.

The difference between CBD and THC

One common misconception surrounding CBD is that it’s the same as THC. THC and CBD are two separate chemicals in the Cannabis Sativa plant. For a CBD product to go to market, it must have no THC. While THC is psychoactive, CBD is not. It influences the body’s internal functions without creating a mental high.

Mee CBD always contains no THC, meaning you can experience the full benefits of CBD.

Trust Mee CBD

The history of CBD on shelves

Much of the distrust surrounding CBD relates to insufficient products prevalent during the first surge in popularity of the compound. Consumer demand for CBD led to several brands producing CBD products without following the correct protocols and procedures. Many of these products contained varying THC levels, some didn’t have the correct levels of CBD, and others included harmful chemicals and substances. The problematic origins of the CBD industry mean it’s vital you purchase CBD from a trusted organic CBD brand such as Mee CBD, which has extensive content and a chart of accounts to support our products.

CBD is legal – Trust Mee CBD UK

In the UK, CBD is legal. In 2018, parliament passed legislation legalizing CBD in the UK. However, THC remains illegal here and in many locations around the world. CBD extracts tend to be sourced from hemp plants rather than marijuana. Hemp and marijuana are from the botanical class of Cannabis Sativa. However, hemp contains significantly lower levels of THC, specifically less than 0.2% in most countries in Europe and 0.3% in the US.

Scientific studies into CBD

Although scientists continue to explore the capabilities of the compound, there is already a substantial amount of research on CBD’s seemingly limitless abilities.

Human studies show CBD effectively reduces physical pain by influencing the inflammation process. And taking cannabidiol often can help with managing mental health conditions. These studies show CBD influences the body’s inflammation process and brain function without harmful side effects common in prescription medication. In addition to this, the World Health Organisation and World Anti-Doping Agency both approve CBD as an effective pain reliever. The overwhelmingly positive reputation of the compound has led to many professional athletes and sportsmen using CBD treatment. However, Mee CBD advises speaking to a medical professional if you’re taking CBD in combination with other medication.

Research by Darkovska-Serafimovska M, Serafimovska T, Arsova-Sarafinovska Z, Stefanoski S, Keskovski Z, Balkanov T published in 2018 explores the relationship between CBD and pain. The study shows those suffering from malignant diseases can reduce their physical pain by taking CBD. The research evidences CBD’s ability to limit pain by reducing inflammation.

Regarding mental health conditions, a Brazilian study from 2018 shows participants taking a 300mg dose of CBD experienced a reduction in anxiety symptoms. And another study from 2016 reveals CBD can help children suffering from the anxiety disorder PTSD. In 2019, a similar study showed CBD produces the same results in adults suffering from the condition.

Preliminary research also suggests that CBD benefits those suffering from depressive symptoms in a similar way it aids those with anxiety disorders. Despite CBD being a relatively new remedy, the scientific evidence is overwhelmingly optimistic. As we learn more about CBD, we uncover the multiple ways it can enhance the human experience.

The all-natural compound can help us manage chronic pain and mental illness, two conditions that plague our modern society. CBD can help people live longer, better quality lives. Unlike prescription medication, CBD doesn’t come with debilitating side effects. The natural remedy assists the body and brain without causing drowsiness, fatigue, heart problems, or other undesirable symptoms.

Here’s why you should trust CBD: It’s grown from the earth, it’s backed by science and millions of people are already witnessing the life-changing impact of taking the compound. Adding CBD to your daily routine could be the transformative lifestyle change you’ve been waiting for.–peer-reviewed-fulltext-article-JPR

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