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Water soluble CBD vs CBD Oil

CBD products have been on our shelves a number of years now. They’ve come in a variety of forms like oils, powders and creams but they’ve all had one thing in common: they’re oil-based. The fundamental problem with this is that oil and water don’t mix and our bodies are mostly made up of water. A lot of CBD was going to waste as it was being broken down by our stomach acid before it even had a chance to make an impact. At Mee CBD we decided to sell only next-generation, water-soluble CBD and bring our customers into the future of CBD.

What is water-soluble CBD?

Water-soluble CBD does  what it says on the tin. It’s a form of CBD that can be dissolved in water. Before it’s altered, CBD doesn’t dissolve in water, it’s  hydrophobic like oil. It has to be broken down by your liver or kidneys and takes a long time to spread through your body. Nanotechnology uses sound waves to break CBD down into smaller particles that are tiny enough to dissolve in water. This is how water-soluble CBD is made.

1. Water-soluble CBD tastes better.

If you’ve ever tried oil-based CBD, you might have been put off by the taste. Depending on the carrier oil the manufacturer has used, it might taste like coconut oil, MCT, hemp oil or sunflower oil but the result is the same, an overwhelming grassy or cannabis-like taste. This taste can linger in your mouth for a couple of hours. For some people it’s the reason they give up on CBD altogether. Water-soluble CBD is almost tasteless and doesn’t have a strong taste like oil. Because it’s water-soluble you can add it to any liquid. Put it in a smoothie, cup of tea, bowl of porridge or whatever takes your fancy!

2. It’s absorbed by your body more effectively.

Our bodies are mostly made up of water, one of the many reasons why it’s important to stay hydrated throughout the day. A word you might hear when it comes to CBD is bioavailability. This is the amount of CBD that makes it to the right place in your body and gets absorbed as it should. Water-soluble CBD has increased bioavailability compared to the oil-based stuff. It’s estimated that our bodies are able to absorb up to nine times more CBD when taking it in water-soluble form. One estimate suggests that oil-based CBD has a bioavailability of between 13% to 19% when taken by holding it under your tongue but other studies estimate it to be much lower, around 6%[1].

water soluble cbd vs cbd oil

3.  You feel the effects of CBD faster.

The increased bioavailability of water-soluble CBD means that you may feel the effects of CBD faster. Instead of having to wait for your stomach and liver to break the CBD down into your bloodstream, it can be absorbed straight away. There it is typically expected to be a 30-minute delay between taking CBD and feeling any effects but water-soluble CBD may bring you much quicker effects. For example, if you take CBD before you go to sleep you don’t have to remember to take it half an hour before you go to bed. You can simply take it right before you want to go to sleep.

4. Water-soluble CBD has fewer side effects.

When you take CBD every day as a plant-based supplement, you don’t want to be experiencing any side effects. The good news is that CBD itself has very few reported side effects. Oil-based CBD can cause an upset stomach because you’re consuming a large quantity of oil – never a good idea! Water-soluble CBD is natural and gentle on your body. The most commonly reported side effects are a dry mouth or mild changes in appetite, which typically pass in a few days.

5. You get more CBD for your money.

Don’t be fooled by cheap CBD, they typically mean low-quality CBD and in some cases, you’re being misled about the quantity of CBD present. The Centre for Medicinal Cannabis (CMC) tested 30 UK CBD oils from high-street brands and they found that 38% had less than half of their advertised CBD content[2].

Not only is Mee CBD very affordable compared to most CBD products, you can trust MeeCBD products to give you the quantity of CBD you expect, you also get more for your money. When you take CBD oil, all the CBD may not be absorbed and is simply removed from your body like any other waste product. If your body only absorbs 15% of the CBD, the other 85% is completely wasted. With water-soluble CBD, so much more is absorbed into your body and you get much more of what you paid for.

Water-Soluble CBD: The Future of CBD

It’s clear that water-soluble CBD is the future. With increased bioavailability, better taste and fewer side effects it’s a no-brainer compared to oil-based. Whether you’re already taking CBD or you’ve never taken it before, try water-soluble Mee CBD and see for yourself!


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[2] %7C CBD in the UK – Exec Summary.pdf

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