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CBD Powder (Mee Powder) is roughly one month’s supply of highly effective soluble organic CBD powder. This is the first of this kind of advanced formulation on the UK market and significantly more powerful than CBD oils

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Why Mee

Mee CBD is a complete nutrition system delivering life-enhancing results.

Mee powder is 100% plant-based, extracted from organically-grown hemp and a nutritious supplement to a healthy diet; mild-tasting and dissolves easily in any drink. A simple and effective way to include CBD in your nutritional daily routine.

Mee Powder has been used by our customers as a daily supplement to boost immunity, relieve pain, aid recovery, manage stress, improve mobility and support a healthy diet.

Shake or stir one teaspoon into water or any food or drink. Mee Powder is a great daily supplement to add to tea, smoothies or a nutritious breakfast. Some customers report that a regular routine of one teaspoon in the evening can really help unwind

for a better night’s sleep, whilst others find that one teaspoon in the morning juice gives you a resilient start to the day.

Formulated using plant-based microencapsulation all Mee CBD products are easy for the body to absorb and significantly more powerful than standard oils. CBD interacts with a vital cell network in your body called the ECS (endocannabinoid system) which plays a crucial role in regulating the body’s stability, including immunity, pain, sleep, inflammation, appetite and stress.

1 teaspoon contains 20mg of Mee CBD (up to 9 x stronger than oils). Take ½ teaspoon for a mild dose and up to 2 teaspoons for a more intense dose. We recommend starting low and slow and building up. 1 teaspoon a day is our standard customer dose. Up to 3 ½ teaspoons can be taken daily.

Broad Spectrum CBD (organic hemp extract), gum arabic, tapioca starch. Cannabidiol food supplement. Not suitable if pregnant or breast-feeding. Always consult a medical professional.

Feel naturally better.

Did you know that taken daily water-soluble CBD is reported to improve the body’s ability to respond to physical or mental challenges?
Mee powder can easily become part of your healthy routine. Keep the beautiful pouch out in the kitchen as a reminder that natural plant-based support is there instead of those pain-killers or sleeping pills or many other behaviours we default to in times of stress.

Cool Fact

Mee CBD is extracted from organically-grown hemp and hemp is considered one of the most highly-sustainable, low-impact crops – great news for our future on this planet.

How your health was meant to be.

A new way to replenish your health and wellness.

“The best thing for my sleep I have tried”

– Lily, 38

The Fine Print

Weight0.06 kg
POWDER INGREDIENTSBroad Spectrum CBD (organic hemp extract), gum arabic, tapioca starch.

Cannabidiol food supplement.

BOTTLE INGREDIENTSBroad Spectrum CBD (organic hemp extract), gum arabic, tapioca starch
Cannabidiol food supplement.
THC ContentTHC Content is below 0.01%


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  1. Avatar of James Campbell

    James Campbell

    Unbelievable product! have been sleeping like a baby. Haven’t felt this good in a while!

  2. Avatar of Maria

    Maria (verified owner)

    Absolutely incredible product, I have endometriosis and it has helped me so much with the pain and nausea!

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