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Mee CBD Drops are organic liquid oral drops of powerful water-soluble CBD, significantly more powerful than standard oils and manufactured in the UK using CBD extracted from organically-grown hemp..

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Why Mee

Mee CBD is a complete nutrition system delivering life-enhancing results.

This easily dissolving and mild-tasting liquid supplement is a simple and effective way to include CBD in your nutritional daily routine. Powerful formulation with optimum absorption, mild-tasting, organic, vegan, beautifully packaged.

Mee Drops have been used by our customers to help them, amongst other things, sleep better, feel stronger, relieve pain, move more easily, manage appetite, relieve anxiety, balance hormones, train harder, boost immunity and improve mental focus. Gluten-free, vegan and THC-free.

Take a few drops on the go or drop into any drink.

Formulated using plant-based microencapsulation all Mee CBD products are easy for the body to absorb and significantly more powerful than standard oils. CBD interacts with a cell network in your body called the ECS (endocannabinoid system) which plays a crucial role in regulating the body’s stability, including immunity, pain, sleep, inflammation and stress.

One full pipette contains 20mg of Mee CBD (up to 9 x stronger than oils). Take 1-2 pipettes morning or evening, or whenever you feel the need.

Not suitable if pregnant or breast-feeding. Always consult a medical professional.

De-ionised water, broad Spectrum CBD (organic hemp extract), gum arabic, tapioca starch. Cannabidiol food supplement. Vegan. Not suitable if pregnant or breast-feeding. Always consult a medical professional.

Feel the difference.

Did you know that CBD can be a vital boost to daily nutrition, and strengthen the body’s defenses physically and mentally?
Mee Drops are a popular choice for busy daily life, supporting many of our customers to find the rest, recovery and resilience they need. Keep on your bedside table to help
you unwind, in the gym bag to alleviate tired muscles, or take with you during the day for those times that physical or mental pressures build up. Our customers report that simply having Mee Drops with them helps to feel supported when facing a long or challenging day.

Cool Fact

Our own bodies actually produce cannabinoids, these are called endocannabinoids and are vital to wellbeing. Our endocannabinoids can get depleted which is why it is good to top them up with plant-based cannabinoids (phyto-cannabinoids).

How your health was meant to be.

A new way to replenish your health and wellness.

“It’s the best thing I’ve found for daily anxiety associated with poor health”

– Jazz, 26

The Fine Print

BOTTLE INGREDIENTSBroad Spectrum CBD (organic hemp extract), gum arabic, tapioca starch
Cannabidiol food supplement.
POWDER INGREDIENTSBroad Spectrum CBD (organic hemp extract), gum arabic, tapioca starch.

Cannabidiol food supplement.

THC ContentTHC Content is below 0.01%


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  1. Avatar of Scott Henderson

    Scott Henderson

    Anxiety can be really frustrating and can negatively impact one’s sleep habits. This product seems to be effective in calming down and stimulating peaceful sleep.

  2. Avatar of Jim Scofield

    Jim Scofield

    Great product!

  3. Avatar of Nyasha


    I’m so glad to have switched over to Mee Drops, it’s easier now to add CBD to my morning juice without worrying about losing potency or altering my juice flavour. It doesn’t leave any oily residue inside my gym bottle either. Well done for making this product.

  4. Avatar of Rach L

    Rach L

    Great product. I switched over from oil and haven’t looked back. I take at night to help me sleep as I have fibromyalgia and the joint pain causes me to wake throughout the night. I still wake up but drop back off straightaway.

    I actually look forward to my cbd evening drink!

    Thank you ❤️

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