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Mee Daily

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The Daily are beautiful sachets containing ready-dosed, effective water-soluble CBD. Every sachet contains a restorative 20mg dose of our powerful organic, vegan CBD. Simply drop one sachet into a drink to give you that perfect ‘Mee’ feeling; a reset for a moment when the body might be experiencing some stress, or simply Mee time to take the edge off. The Daily box is designed with convenience in mind, so keep it out by the kettle or next to the smoothie maker and get yourself into a new, plant-based healthy routine. The Daily 30 also makes a gorgeous gift for a friend in need of a little boost – why send flowers when you could send sachets of plant-based goodness?

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Mee CBD is formulated by veterans of the hemp-cannabis industry. Mee CBD a unique mild-tasting, soluble and easy to use product. Water-soluble is an innovation in the category and addresses some of the barriers typically associated with CBD “….it tastes bad, it’s difficult to take, it doesn’t even feel like it’s doing anything!” – as experts in cannabinoid products, we’ve heard it all! And so, we developed Mee CBD Sachets with our beautiful organic CBD powder to fit easily into all our busy lives – no nasty taste, super easy to take with any food or drink and, importantly, it really works. Each single sachet contains 20mg of CBD, which will give you a tangible boost in mind and body


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Broad Spectrum CBD (organic hemp extract), gum arabic, tapioca starch
Cannabidiol food supplement.


Broad Spectrum CBD (organic hemp extract), gum arabic, tapioca starch.

Cannabidiol food supplement.

THC Content

THC Content is below 0.01%

2 reviews for Mee Daily

  1. Mike L

    Love these! They’re so easy to use, and it’s really convenient that you can leave the sachets in different places.

  2. Barnaby Lewis

    This has really transformed my sleeping after a long day at work! thank you!

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