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Mee – The year bumper pack

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Our best value pack for all you big Mee Advocates, who know the transformative benefits of using CBD regularly, this is an incredible package. It is our commitment to keep your cannabinoids topped up for  the year with a supply of 12 packs of Mee. In this we give you 2 packs of our 30 box sachets, 5 Mee Powders and 5 Mee Drops. It allows you to have full flexibility in how you take Mee. We’ve found Mee Sachets are great for keeping in your bag or car, Mee drops are great when you are on the move and our Mee powder sits best in the kitchen next to your kettle, keeping  you topped up at home. We at Mee HQ love having all the formats and think you will too.



All the products contain our perfect water-soluble CBD, in liquid form. Mee is mild-tasting and can be dropped into any drink, taken neat or even enjoyed mixed in to a nourishing meal. With 20mg of CBD in every full pipette, spoonful or sachet – Mee gives a valuable reset, when you need it. Mee is a popular choice for busy daily life, supporting many of our customers get the rest, recovery and resilience they need. Mee helps you to have the support you need to feel naturally stronger.



1 review for Mee – The year bumper pack

  1. Katie

    Lovely to have a year supply, not having to worry about it – really meant I’ve been taking regularly. The different formats are great. I found the sachets were great for being on the move and really nice to be able to share some with friends.

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