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More and more people are looking to CBD to help with their recovery from injuries. The healing process can take a frustratingly long time… We take a look at how CBD for injury recovery works basis on scientific research and studies. We found that Mee CBD might be able to help you recover more effectively from broken bones and swelling.

CBD and Broken Bones 

Several studies have investigated how CBD can affect bone density. A review of studies in 2018 found that CBD helped bone fractures heal[1]. A different study in 2015 revealed that CBD made bones that were healing from a break stronger which made them harder to break in the future[2]. This is good news as breaking a bone can make it weaker and more likely to be broken again. CBD might be able to help you to recover more effectively from broken bones and get back to your full health as quickly as possible.

CBD and Injuries Caused by Inflammation

When you fall over and hurt your ankle, one of the first things you’ll notice is that it starts to swell up. People apply ice to swollen areas but that doesn’t solve the internal problem that causes the swelling. Swelling will help your body to heal, but you also want to reduce the inflammation so you can get on with your everyday life again.

CBD is a natural anti-inflammatory and can help you recover from injuries more quickly[3]. So next time you experience swelling, after you apply ice, why not try taking Mee CBD to help your body recover from injury more effectively?

CBD and pain relief

Being in pain can hamper t your recovery if it keeps you awake at night or if it’s very draining on your body. CBD has been shown as an effective way to treat pain from a variety of conditions including migraines. Scientists have performed early studies to understand how CBD has this positive effect and more are currently taking place[4]. You can add a sachet of Mee Daily to a calming herbal tea to help relieve the mental and physical effects of an injury.

CBD for Injury Recovery

Can I take CBD and other medication?

            If you’re recovering from an injury, it’s like you’re taking other medications such as painkillers to help you feel better. You should always check with your doctor before taking CBD. CBD can interfere with some medications, but very few. This is because CBD is broken down into your bloodstream by your liver. This is the case for many other medications too.

So if CBD is being broken down in your liver, specifically by the enzyme P450, this means that other medications can’t be broken down as they should be. You may be able to resolve this problem by staggering when you take CBD and your other medication. For example, if you take your medication in the morning, you could take CBD in the evening, so it has had time to break down.

What type of CBD is best for injury recovery?

When you’re recovering from an injury, speed is crucial. You want to be back to full good health as quickly as possible. Water-soluble CBD is exactly what you’re looking for when it comes to speed. Most CBD products out there are oil-based which means they act more slowly and have more side effects. Consuming large amounts of oil can upset your stomach and also taste very unpleasant. All Mee CBD products are water-soluble so they will get to work straight away to help your body recover. Have a look at our Mee Drops and our Mee Daily.

Summarising CBD for Injury Recovery

CBD can help you recover more quickly and effectively from injury. It may be able to help broken bones and reduce inflammation in other injuries. If you’re taking any other medication you should check with your doctor before taking CBD. Make sure you take water-soluble CBD so you feel the effects of CBD more quickly. For more information on our organic, water-soluble CBD, discover our Mee Drops, Mee Daily and Mee Powder.

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As a reminder:

What is CBD?

CBD is a cannabinoid derived from cannabis plants. Although CBD is associated with cannabis, it’s legal in the UK and won’t give you a ‘high’ like cannabis does. That sensation comes from a different cannabinoid called THC. People take CBD for a variety of conditions or just to boost their overall wellbeing. You can take CBD every day as a plant-based supplement.





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