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Mee CBD for energy – We all want higher energy levels. Feeling more energised might lead to higher productivity, achieving more success and establishing an overall higher quality of life. But sometimes, no matter how hard we try, we can’t help but feel a bit ‘meh’.

Low energy levels can be because of a range of internal and external factors. Work, taking care of children, and household responsibilities are examples of energy-consuming activities. As well as failing to eat well, get exercise, and relax enough can also contribute to an energy deficit.

No matter the cause of your depleting energy levels, CBD could give you the energy boost you need to make the most out of your life.

Is CBD a stimulant or a sedative?

There’s a misconception surrounding whether CBD is a stimulant or a sedative. CBD’s best qualities are calming the nervous system and reducing stress and Anxiety. Because of these abilities, many people falsely assume the cannabidiol compound is a sedative.

CBD as a stimulant

CBD affects everyone differently. Some report consuming Mee CBD and noticing an instant increase in their mood and mental wellbeing, whereas it might take a little longer and a higher dose of CBD for others to notice a change. Therefore, some people can experience the energising effects of CBD straight away, whilst others need to alter their dosage to achieve this.

Studies show taking much smaller CBD doses result in the compound having an energising effect on most users. To successfully boost your energy using Mee CBD, you need to start by taking 15 mg or less. After you’ve tried with lower dosages, you can increase your dosage and experiment with how Mee CBD alters your energy levels.

Mee CBD for energy

Other ways CBD can aid energy levels

In addition to using small quantities of Mee CBD to inspire an energy boost, you can influence external factors to feel more energised. CBD has numerous health benefits, many of which can often improve focus, increase productivity and make us more active.

CBD and anxiety

Anxiety makes us feel drained and tired. Constantly battling our anxious thoughts isn’t easy. The hormonal rush brought on during particularly anxious periods leads to a temporary crash where the body is fatigued.

Helping minimise the influence anxiety has over your life can make you feel more energised. And scientific CBD studies continue to demonstrate that CBD can be considered an effective remedy for anxiety. [1] When you consume a Mee CBD product, the cannabidiol compound reacts with your body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS). The ECS is responsible for several bodily functions, one of which is brain chemical production. Scientists believe anxiety is the result of imbalanced brain chemicals. After taking a dose of Mee CBD in your morning smoothie, the cannabinoid has been shown to help regulate brain chemical function, reducing anxiety symptoms.

Yes, your morning smoothie can be even more beneficial…

CBD and sleep

A common reason for energy deficits is a lack of sleep. How many times have you woken up from a bad night’s sleep and felt totally exhausted despite having had your head on the pillow for hours? We’ve all been there and some people have poor quality sleep regularly, resulting in continued low energy.

The leading cause of poor sleep is anxiety. Many Mee CBD customers have improved [2] their sleep after their anxiety and pain levels decreased. Therefore, by treating anxiety using Mee CBD, an all-natural remedy, you can induce a better night’s sleep and feel energised the morning after.

Click here to listen to Fergus speak about how CBD has improved his sleep.

How to take Mee CBD for energy

Customers who have seen long term benefits have integrated Mee CBD into an existing daily habit.  Many report a balancing of the rollercoaster of high and low energy levels. Mostly they feel more relaxed and their quality of sleep has improved. By sleeping better and experiencing calmer, more structured thoughts, your body and mind could benefit by transitioning from a semi-exhausted mode to consistent and focussed energy levels!

Adding CBD to your daily routine could provide you with the energy boost you’ve always wanted without having to feed your body with unnecessary chemicals and substances. CBD is a 100% natural way to unlock this potential, increase your energy and show up as the best version of yourself. Start using Mee CBD and see if it boosts your energy and changes the way you feel for the better.

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