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If you’re new to Mee CBD or want a refresher on How to use Mee CBD, here’s everything you need to know.

Mee CBD is manufactured and designed to be easy to take, consistently highly effective, and to live where you need it – i.e: next to your kettle, if you take Mee CBD with your morning or evening cup of tea.

Organically grown hemp and broad-spectrum products

All of our CBD products are from organically grown hemp and are broad spectrum, meaning they contain lots of different compounds from the hemp plant that work together for optimum efficacy – this has been scientifically termed the “entourage effect.”

How to use Mee CBD DosingPharmaceutically prepared

As our products are prepared using the latest pharmaceutical methods, the dosing is highly consistent.  The amount of CBD that you should take often varies from person to person, as we are all built slightly differently:

  • We believe that 20mg of water-soluble CBD to be the optimum amount per dose.
  • 20mg is equivalent to one sachet of Mee Daily, one full pipette of Mee Drops and one flat mid-sized teaspoon (2g) of Mee Powder.
  • If you’re a CBD beginner, it may be worth starting with 10mg and working your way up to 20mg so your body can get used to it.
  • If you’re taking 20mg of Mee CBD daily and the benefits aren’t as apparent as you’d hoped, it may be worth upping your daily intake to 40/50mg. We recommended that you don’t take more than 70mg (3.5 doses).
  • Some people like to take a dose in the morning, and another at night – it’s really up to you to work out what works best (more on that below).

When to take Mee CBD for the best benefits?

When you take your Mee CBD is completely down to personal preference. There are benefits to taking it either in the morning, whenever you feel like you need it, or in the evening before bed.  Some people take Mee CBD in the morning, throughout the day and at night!

  • Morning – Most people tend to take Mee CBD in the morning. This is because it’s easy to integrate into your routine and also so you can feel the effects of Mee CBD during the day. Mee CBD customers have reported an increase in energy levels and focus, and reduction in pain and stress levels, to name a few.
  • When you need it – Some customers take a dose of Mee CBD at various points in the day, depending on when they feel like they need it. This can be suitable for people who may feel stressed or experience pain during the day and different times.  As Mee CBD is much faster acting than oils, it can get to work quickly and when needed.
  • Evening – Many people like to take Mee CBD before sleeping.  Customers have reported this helps with their sleep, and often it can be taken if you wake up in the middle of the night.  It could be handy to keep a bottle of drops on your bedside table.  We advise having your dose of Mee CBD about half an hour before bed.


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Water-soluble means better absorption and fast acting

All of our formats Mee CBD Powder, Daily and Drops) are ready to be mixed and dissolved into any drink or food – a cup of water, tea, coffee, smoothie, hummus, whatever you fancy.  The body absorbs up to nine times more CBD from our  water-soluble formats than from  oils.  Mee also CBD takes effect in five to twenty mins rather than one to two hours, like  CBD Oil.

Each are designed to conveniently fit into your lifestyle:.

  • Mee Drops contains 30ml of liquid. Each full pipette of liquid has 20mg of CBD in it, equalling one dose. Mee Drops are great in the kitchen, on the bedside table, in the handbag, and require next to no stirring when adding to any drink.  You can also take Mee Drops orally without mixing into a drink.
  • Mee Daily contains 30 single-serve sachets, each with 2g of powder and containing 20mg of CBD. Perfect for people who want to be completely consistent with their dosing. They’re great on display in the kitchen or office, or simply throw a few sachets in your bag for when you need them most.
  • Mee Powder contains 60g of loose powder. For a 20mg dose, put a flat mid-sized teaspoon (2g) into your cup or mug, add your drink of choice and give it a stir.  Keep Mee Powder next to your kettle, smoothie maker, or water tap as a constant reminder to add to your daily drink.


Mee CBD makes it easy to get your CBD boost every day. It can quickly become part of an existing daily ritual. We hope you find Mee CBD a great companion like so many of our customers. Thanks for choosing us.

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