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CBD for back pain is a natural gift – If you’ve been experiencing chronic back pain for over three months, this is likely linked to your body’s inflammation process. Inflammation is the cause of many pain-related conditions and there is a good chance that CBD can help.

The science behind CBD and back pain

There are two major ways that CBD has been shown to limit back pain: influencing with COX-2 enzymes and interacting cytokine molecules.

CBD and COX-2 enzymes

Studies show CBD effectively reduces pain by influencing the body’s inflammatory response. When we consume CBD, the cannabidiol compound inhibits our COX-2 eicosanoid enzyme. COX-2 enzymes promote healing by producing prostaglandins that cause inflammation. By stopping prostaglandins production, the body doesn’t enter the inflammatory stage. Inflammation causes pain. Therefore, by bypassing inflammation, pain is avoided.

Cytokine molecules

CBD has been shown to stop back pain through interacting with cytokine molecules. The body’s cytokine molecules are responsible for cell signalling. They regulate immunity, inflammation, and haematopoiesis (blood cell creation). Cytokines cause back pain through what is known as a cytokine storm. A cytokine storm is when the body produces too many cytokines, and the back becomes painfully inflamed. CBD can potentially reduce cytokine molecules, restricting the body from entering a cytokine storm and avoiding painful inflammation.

How to take CBD for back pain

Tom’s chronic back pain reduced after taking and introducing Mee CBD into his daily routine.  He also sleeps better and has less general associated anxiety.

We recommend experimenting with Mee CBD Drops or Mee CBD Daily and finding which suits your lifestyle best. If you’re suffering from chronic back pain, you might want to take Mee CBD every day for the best chance of experiencing change. Although CBD can cause immediate results, you need to take it regularly to have a prolonged effect.

Back pain is a debilitating condition that can limit your day-to-day activities. Whether you’re suffering from chronic back pain due to an illness or frustrated by an uncomfortable back from time to time, Mee CBD has the potential to help you, so why not give it a try? The cannabidiol (CBD) compound’s anti -inflammatory properties means it could be very effective at reducing back pain caused by inflammation. By inhibiting the COX-2 enzyme and limiting cytokine production, Mee CBD can potentially reduce back pain and help you live a more comfortable life.

cbd for back pain

What is back pain?

Our backs are immensely complex body parts. There are thirty-three bones in the human spine and it’s split into five sections: the cervical, lumbar spine sections, thoracic, sacrum, and coccyx bones. In combination with these bones, we have forty muscles and thirty-one nerves. The main nerve is the Sciatica, the largest and longest nerve in the human body. The human back is a marvel, but having so many elements means a lot can go wrong.

Causes of back pain

We can experience back pain for numerous reasons and as a side effect of many conditions.  Most of the common causes of back pain are below – for each of which CBD has been shown to positively impact through scientific research and anecdotal evidence.:

Pulled muscle or tendon – Lifting a heavy box, exercising, and even sleeping in an uncomfortable position can result in a bad back because of a muscle or tendon. This is one of the most common causes of back pain, and although it will likely go away on its own in a few days, it can still cause substantial amounts of pain and inflammation.  CBD and some inflammation responses.

Prolonged inflammation – Inflammation occurs when the body is trying to protect itself against injury. However, if inflammation lingers, it can result in ongoing back pain.  CBD and some inflammation responses.

Arthritis – Chronic inflammation is called arthritis. The condition affects more than ten million people in the UK. Study on CBD and arthritis.

Poor posture – Maintaining a poor posture puts a significant amount of stress and pressure on your back. Eventually, you might notice ongoing back pain because you’re constantly hunching your spine over and putting excess weight on it. Reducing inflammation with CBD and exercising to strengthen can help to straighten the spine and increase overall back health.

Osteoporosis – Osteoporosis disease causes bone mass to decrease, making bones weaker and prone to fractures.   Study on CBD and osteoporosis.,of%20all%20ages%2C%20including%20children.,the%20body’s%20normal%20healing%20process.,of%20the%20body%20as%20well.,immune%20activation%20and%20immune%20dysregulation.

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