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Exercise doesn’t always need to be intense, but no matter the activity, it’s not uncommon for our muscles to ache the next day. Fortunately, research suggests that a daily dose of CBD may aid post-workout muscle recovery. Mee organic CBD is a great supplement to incorporate into your daily health and fitness routine – and not just for those who enjoy lifting triple their bodyweight at the gym! Whether you’re easing your way back into the post-lockdown gym routine, or you’ve a newfound love for daily walks and outdoor runs, MeeCBD may be the all-natural post-exercise pick-me-up that you need.

CBD for Muscle Recovery

Physical activity puts stress on our muscles. This causes delayed-onset muscle soreness, or DOMS. Why do we get DOMS? Exercise makes microtears in our muscle fibres, causing inflammation in the area. Our body perceives this as pain, which is why the muscle aches. Though this isn’t a bad thing – giving our body enough rest and fuelling it with nutritious food makes the muscle repair stronger.

cbd for muscle recovery

MeeCBD can give your body a helping hand with this process. It’s not been determined exactly how CBD might relieve muscle soreness, but CBD has shown to have both anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties by reducing levels of inflammatory cells in the body[1]. Pain and inflammation are highly connected processes. By reducing inflammation in the muscles, this will make them feel less sore.

As well as this, our pain system is responsive to cannabinoids. CBD has shown directly act on pain receptors, making our body less sensitive to pain[2]. Results from a recent study into CBD on DOMS supports this existing research. The group given CBD reported a much faster rate of recovery from exercise-induced muscle soreness than those who took nothing[3]. Further study with more rigorous testing is needed, but these results are hugely promising.

Muscle recovery is also hugely dependant on how well we sleep. Sleeping is the optimum form of rest – it is when our worn-out muscles undergo the repair process. With insufficient sleep, the body cannot build enough proteins to support muscle growth. A large number of studies have revealed sleep improvements with regular CBD use, either by reducing anxiety and thus improving sleep quality, or by increasing the duration of sleep[4]. Before you go to sleep, try winding down with a Mee herbal tea to ensure you feel as rested and rejuvenated as possible.

Whether you have active for years or you’re just starting to incorporate movement into your daily routine, it’s so important to prioritise muscle recovery. Currently, CBD is widely used by sporting experts from all realms of the health and fitness world. Why not see the benefits of CBD for yourself? Simply add Mee water-soluble CBD to a pre-workout coffee or a post-workout shake – or even put your feet up and enjoy some Mee time on your well-deserved rest day.

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