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Mee CBD for Menopause – As women gradually enter the perimenopausal stage, our reproductive organs naturally produce less of the female sex hormones, oestrogen and progesterone. With this often comes years of menstrual cycle irregularity, changes to sleep quality and mood, as well as uncomfortable physical symptoms.

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Despite the menopause being a completely natural midlife process, it is often a taboo topic of conversation amongst many women. This often deems the transition into post-menopausal life as something to be dreaded, and many women suffer from the uncomfortable symptoms in silence. Menopause may be an inevitability for those who menstruate, but the challenges of hormonal fluctuations don’t always have to be.

Cannabidiol, or CBD, is a natural non-psychoactive compound from the cannabis plant. CBD may help to reduce the uncomfortable symptoms of menopause. The scientific research into CBD and the menopause is scarce, as is the case with many female medical issues. Although it has not yet been established whether CBD can specifically improve menopause symptoms, there is a strong body of evidence to suggest that supplementing with CBD may support the mental and physical wellbeing of those experiencing hormonal challenges.

The ovaries possess cannabinoid receptors, so the female reproductive system and the endocannabinoid system (ECS) are closely linked. Menopause can disrupt the efficient function of the ECS, causing fluctuations in mood, sleep, and body temperature[1]. Hence, common menopausal symptoms include anxiety, insomnia, and hot flushes. CBD can support the healthy function of the ECS – here are just a number of ways in which 20mg of daily MeeCBD can support women during menopause:

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Up to 61% of post-menopausal women suffer from insomnia[2]. Whether this be due to feelings of anxiety, night sweats, or inflammatory pain, research has shown that CBD can help to reverse sleep disturbances and improve sleep quality.


Oestrogen and progesterone can interact with serotonin receptors. Serotonin is the neurotransmitter responsible for mood regulation– or, in other words, it is our ‘happiness chemical’. As menopause alters these hormone levels, many women experience disturbances to their mood. CBD helps to maintain homeostasis in the body, contributing to the restoration of this hormonal imbalance and the relief of hormonal stress and anxiety.

Mee CBD for Menopause

HEALTH – Mee CBD for Menopause

Menopause can also alter our physical wellbeing, which can be a difficult transition for many midlife women. For those experiencing aches and pains, CBD has shown to relieve physical discomfort by possessing anti-inflammatory properties. Following menopause, women are also at a greater risk of bone density loss, or osteoporosis, due to a loss of oestrogen. Researchers have found that regular CBD helps to sustain bone density in animal models[3].

Hormonal fluctuations are a natural midlife experience. Mee water-soluble CBD is a wonderfully natural way to rebalance these menopausal changes. Add Mee to your favourite herbal tea or refreshing morning smoothie – but be sure to consult your doctor before adding a new supplement to your routine. At Mee, we strive to make hormonal challenges for midlife women a little less challenging.

CBD for menopause: Can it help deal with symptoms? (

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