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There are lots of different things you can try to increase productivity when you’re struggling to focus at work. You might have tried time-blocking, meditation or even caffeine to maintain your concentration when you’re at your desk, whether in the office or at home. Mee CBD might be able to help you increase your focus – Read below for more details about Mee CBD for focus and concentration.

Meet Fergus: Who Mee CBD reportedly helped a lot with work focus, stress and sleep.

Can CBD help you focus?

When you’re having a busy time at work, it often feels like it gets more difficult to focus on the tasks you need to do. When we get stressed, our bodies produce more cortisol, the stress hormone. Having a high level of cortisol in your bloodstream can harm your ability to focus and make it difficult for you to work at the pace you need to. CBD can help by interacting with this excess cortisol[1]. CBD can impact your hormone levels in lots of other ways too. Reducing this extra cortisol can help increase the level of dopamine and serotonin in your bloodstream. This is great for increasing your focus throughout the day at work.

If the reason you’re struggling to focus is pain, whether caused by migraines, inflammatory bowel disease or something else, then CBD has the potential to help you. CBD has been shown to help with digestive problems and migraines. CBD can also help with pain caused by arthritis and may be able to help you with any back pain you feel when sitting at a desk for long periods. CBD tends to have fewer side effects than other painkillers and it’s completely natural.

Can CBD increase your productivity?

There are lots of different things that prevent us from being productive, such as anxiety. Feeling anxious can be very distracting when you’re trying to work and stimulants like caffeine in coffee can make it worse. CBD can help you be productive without increasing your anxiety levels. A 2019 study concluded that CBD has the potential to help people manage anxiety[2].

Meet Gabby – Who Mee CBD reportedly helped with her stress and anxiety.

CBD and increased energy levels

How many times did you hit the snooze button this morning? Maybe you’re on your fourth coffee of the day? Low energy levels impact all of us and finding a way to give yourself a boost during the day can be a game-changer. A review of studies in 2014 found that CBD had promising properties as a ‘wake-inducing’ substance[3]. Mee CBD’s water-soluble CBD is easy to take when you’re on the go or in the office. You can add a sachet or a few drops to a glass of water and you’ll start feeling the benefits very quickly.

Mee CBD for focus and concentration

CBD can help you sleep better

One of the best ways to have more energy during the day is to sleep better at night. Lots of things can keep you awake, including worrying about work. Studies have found that CBD can help regulate your sleep cycle[4]. Getting a good night’s sleep can help you focus better when you’re at work.

Pain is another thing that can keep you awake and CBD can help with that too. If you’re less tired, you won’t need to drink as much coffee which should leave you feeling less amounts of Stress and anxious. Simply add a few Mee CBD drops into a herbal tea before bed and you can feel more relaxed and ready to sleep.

How to take CBD for work focus

The great thing about Mee CBD products is that they contain water-soluble CBD. This means that you can add them to any drink, including smoothies or hot drinks. Our sachets are easy to slip into your bag or desk drawer and are a no-fuss way to take CBD during the day. Mee water-soluble CBD has lots of other benefits too, it can work faster and more effectively than other CBD products.

CBD and work focus – Mee CBD for focus and concentration

There are lots of things that prevent us from being able to focus when we’re at work. CBD may be able to help you get a good night’s sleep. which can help you achieve your goals. It also has the potential to reduce your Stress levels and make you more productive. Mee CBD products are easy to fit into your workday routine.

As a reminder:

What is CBD?

CBD, cannabidiol, is a plant-based supplement made from plants in the cannabis family. It doesn’t get you high as you would typically expect with cannabis because that sensation comes from another cannabinoid, THC. Therefore, there’s no problem with taking it before or even during the workday to help you focus and perform at your best. CBD is legal so you can carry it around with you to take on the go without having to worry.





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