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CBD for Endometriosis Review by Prerna – Listen to how Mee CBD has reportedly changed Prerna’s life.

“Hello, Im Prerna and I’ve been using Mee CBD for about 6 months and I’ve had some wonderful effects from it, because I was diagnosed with endometriosis 2 years ago. But I think I’ve been suffering with it for at least 5 of 6 years now. The CBD has been helping me bring down the chronic inflammation in my body quite substantially.

I take it every night in water before I go to sleep, I started to see the effects after about a month where it wasn’t necessarily in the inflammation but it was during my cycle. The pain that I was experiencing seemed to be less aggressive. I was able to sleep better just after the first month of taking, I noticed the quality of my sleep had improved. After 3 months of taking it daily, I noticed a marked improvement on the length of the cycle, the pain in the period and then also the heaviness of the flow.

CBD for Endometriosis Review by Prerna

Mee CBD for Endometriosis

The whole bloating of that entire area was debilitating before, seemed to be improving. It lasted for a shorter time, instead of 10 day bleeds it went to 8 days and it was really rewarding to know that there was something gentle happening in my body and that I was taking care of something that I thought was ruining my life before. I am really grateful for Mee CBD for that. It’s had other side effects, which I’m happy to report.

I feel an overall sense of calmness, compared to before especially during the PMT and ovulation period, that can be challenging with endometriosis. I don’t feel as anxious and I don’t feel short tempered, and yeh it’s taken the edge off, I would say. I would highly recommend it to anyone that has this condition to try it, but wait and take it for 3 months. As you will see some really fantastic effects.“

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