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Mee CBD for elders, adults, and seniors is gaining momentum as an alternative to traditional medicines.  The cannabidiol (CBD) compound is legal in the UK and most countries around the world, does not get you high, and is becoming very popular as a natural remedy for managing pain, anxiety and a range of other conditions.  Despite these researched and customer reported benefits, many generations confuse CBD with THC and consider it to be illegal grouping it as “cannabis” and therefore untouchable.

Those brave enough to cross this chasm in their later years have experienced the relief of symptoms and root cause issues from associated degenerative diseases. This trend has been very prevalent in the USA where CBD has a much higher acceptance rate in later generations versus the UK. Often replacing harmful and highly addictive pharmaceutical opioids that have created significant damage to the quality of the lives of our beloved parents and grandparents.

How more elderly generations can benefit from using CBD

Inflammation builds up in the body over a lifetime and when this reaches a chronic stage it has been shown to be key contributor to a range of degenerative diseases.  CBD has been scientifically demonstrated to assist the body in removing inflammation. Over the years it could be inferred that natural defenses against degenerative diseases could be boosted by taking CBD both as a preventative measure and reactive. There are many researchers currently investigating the impact of CBD directly on specific diseases.

Although progress is encouraging we cannot report the results at present. That being said, the evidence seems to align with our working theory here are Master Plant and Mee CBD, that CBD is just good nutrition and that the absence of CBD causes a range of issues.

In addition, to CBD’s scientifically reported anti-inflammatory properties, CBD has also been shown to improve physical and mental wellbeing associated with pain and anxiety. Both of which are key contributors to eroding our quality of life as we grow older. As such, the possibility to help manage these symptoms and root cause issues is tempting for more elderly generations despite legacy connotations.

Many of our 30-50 year old customers at Mee CBD have found improvements to their quality of life and passed these onto their, at first resistant, parents. These customers have reported back very encouraging results for those that chose to take the leap. Rob, in his 40s, has been kind enough to share his Mum’s story, in her 70s, here.

This is potentially great news for many people who are tempted to improve their quality of life, and the quality of life for their loved ones. As mentioned below, it is important to always consult a doctor prior to taking CBD.

CBD and mind and body wellbeing in-depth – CBD for Elders

CBD has been reported to help reduce symptoms of anxiety by interacting with the body’s endocannabinoid system. The endocannabinoid system, or ECS, is a collection of neurotransmitters throughout the body and brain. Each of these receptors is responsible for different functions in the body. The type 1 receptor links to the production of serotonin and dopamine – two mood influencing chemicals.

When consumed, CBD interacts with the type 1 receptor and regulates chemical production. Conditions such as depression and anxiety are thought to be because of abnormal brain chemical levels. By taking Mee CBD powder every day, it might be possible to increase positive brain chemical interaction and achieve a healthier, happier mentality.

CBD for elders

CBD and pain relief in depth

Whether you’re suffering from chronic pain, experiencing irritable backaches or feeling uncomfortable from time to time, Mee CBD could potentially help. Customers report that CBD has tackled pain by influencing the inflammation process. When we feel pain, it’s because our body’s inflammation process kicks in. Inflammation helps protect us while our body recovers from damage.

Research suggest that CBD can reduce inflammation, minimising pain as a result. It has been shown to do this by inhibiting the body’s COX2 eicosanoid enzyme, which is responsible for starting the inflammation process. CBD is believed to limit the abilities of the COX2 enzyme, stopping inflammation and pain.

Mee CBD as the CBD product for the adventurous senior

CBD is suitable for adults of all ages and could be of immense benefit to the more mature generations. It should be introduced slowly and if you’re taking other medication or have an ongoing health condition, it’s best to talk to a medical professional about trying CBD.

At Mee CBD we have worked hard to source the most consistent and high quality products. So that these products can be taken in full confidence. They are organically grown and prepared under pharmaceutical conditions. As such, you can always trust our single and recommended doses to be exactly as presented.

Mee CBD is also not a pill nor and oil. Therefore you do not have to add another pill to be swallowed to your morning routine, nor have to suffer the taste of a CBD Oil under your tongue. Just simply drop Mee CBD drops or Mee CBD daily powder sachets into a morning, afternoon or evening beverage such as a cup of tea or glass of water.  Always keeping the CBD near the kettle or tap as a gentle reminder.

Is CBD legal? Yes it is.

In the UK and most western countries, CBD is legal. We advise you to purchase your CBD products from reputable retailers and established CBD brands, such as Mee CBD. If you’re travelling, research the laws and regulations surrounding CBD possession and consumption in the location you’re heading to in advance.

CBD is not THC – and does not get you high

Much of the misconception surrounding CBD relates to older generations’ familiarity with marijuana. It’s important to understand that the high from marijuana is a result of THC.  CBD is a completely different compound  from THC and is not psychoactive like THC. In the UK CBD products must contain no  THC. And whereas CBD is legal, THC remains illegal across many countries due to its mind-altering effects.

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