Water Soluble CBD for Drinks


Whatever water soluble CBD you prefer, Mee have you covered. Choose from our water soluble CBD drops or CBD sachets to kickstart your CBD journey.

Water soluble CBD is more precise, potent and faster than CBD oil. It’s made for your body to easily absorb.​

All of our products act faster and more effectively than CBD oils. Unlike other brands, our easy-to-use and easy-to-measure products put the power and the choice in your hands.

fast onset01

Fast Onset

Smart CBD that gets to work in 5 to 30 mins vs. 1 to 4 hours with oil.

dependable dosage01

Dependable Dosing

80-90% of each precise 20mg dose gets to work vs 10-20% with oils.

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Easy to Take

Pick a daily drink like CBD Coffee, add Mee every day. Simple and easy.

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Mild to No Taste

Your CBD oil is cloaked in special formula to disguise taste.

Gluten Free


THC Free



Organically grown

Organically grown


1-3 Day Delivery

  • Whether its CBD drops or CBD powder, CBD Mee’s Water Soluble CBD offers the easiest, most effective and dependable way to take CBD. Simply add to a drink or pop under your tongue to reap the effects.

    Mee CBD Drops are our secret weapon, our favourite product, our Swiss army knife. The water soluble CBD has been pre-dissolved into distilled water, offering you the ultimate, near-tasteless CBD experience. Simply measure out your ideal dose with the dropper, add it to your favourite drink then feel the effects, fast. The small bottle means you can pop it in your handbag and treat yourself to CBD on the go.

    But if you want to be as precise as possible, Mee CBD powder sachets offer all the effects of the Drops, but in more portable and user-friendly packaging. Simply tear open your sachet, add it to your morning or afternoon cup of tea and stir. If you’re in a rush or out of the house, keep a couple of handy Mee Sachets in your pocket and take your dose whenever suits you.

    Our CBD pouches offer 30 easy-to-use and customisable doses of you can add to your daily drinks, as per your preference. Our CBD starter pack also offers a great way to trial CBD for first time users. The CBD starter pack includes 7 sachets that help you dive into the marvelous world of CBD.

    To reap the many benefits of water soluble CBD – whether its drops, sachets, CBD pouches or the CBD starter pack – buy our CBD products above.

    Why water-soluble?

    Calm & Content

    Our customers report that simply adding CBD – whether its with our drops, sachets, CBD pouches or CBD starter kit – to a glass of water helps them feel calm and supported when facing a long or challenging day.

    Cool CBD Fact

    Did you know our own bodies actually produce cannabinoids? These chemicals – called endocannabinoids – can become depleted. That’s why it is good to top them up with plant-based cannabinoids – or phytocannabinoids in your drinks with a little Mee CBD.

  • How Water Soluble CBD Works

    Mee’s water soluble CBD really is simple. All it takes is adding a drop or stirring powder into your favourite drink, and you can feel the effects in less than half an hour.

    For our drops, fill the pipette by giving it a quick double squeeze whilst inside the bottle. Then add the near-tasteless drops into your morning beverage or glass of water and reap the benefits fast.

    Our powder sachets work the same. Just rip open the packaging, add the powder into your post-workout smoothie – or just a little of it – and stir away.

    It really is that simple.


    One full pipette or full sachet of Mee’s CBD contains 20mg of organic, natural CBD. Thanks to it’s high bioavailability, it works faster and is up to 9 times more potent than oils.

    Take a dose in the morning, one before bed or whenever takes your fancy throughout the day. We recommend not to take more than 70 mg per day.

    Mee CBD is not suitable when pregnant or breastfeeding. Always consult a medical professional before using this product.

  • Mee Drops contain deionised water, broad spectrum CBD organic hemp extract, gum arabic and tapioca starch. They are a cannabidiol food supplement.

    Mee powder sachets contain broad spectrum CBD organic hemp extract, gum arabic and tapioca starch.

    Mee CBD is gluten-free, vegan and THC-free. Unlike many other CBD products or water soluble CBD products you can purchase, THC is undetectable in Mee CBD to a threshold of at least 0.01%.

    Mee CBD is not suitable when pregnant or breastfeeding. Always consult a medical professional before using this product.

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  • What is CBD and how does it work?

    CBD interacts with a cell network and part of the central nervous system in your body called the ECS (endocannabinoid system). The ECS can play a role in regulating the body’s stability. Many people associated CBD with other cannabinoids present in the hemp and marijuana plants. However, CBD is very different from tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the psychoactive part of cannabis. Instead, it does not cause any sort of ‘high’ that many people associate with marijuana.

    What does water soluble mean?

    Quite simply, water soluble means the substance is able to be dissolved in water. Our water soluble products aren’t any different from vitamins or flavourings you put in your water.

    How is water soluble CBD different to CBD oil?

    Water soluble CBD is composed of tiny CBD oil particles broken up using nanotechnology. They are so small they dissolve into water and become a more convenient, potent and efficient product.

    How long does it take for water soluble CBD to work?

    When standard CBD oils are processed it takes a long time to become absorbed in the bloodstream. However, Mee CBD’s water-solubility means it avoids this process and can become directly absorbed into the bloodstream allowing it a fast onset of between 5 to 30 minutes. However, this depends person to person on a number of factors like weight.

    How much CBD can I consume in a day?

    Each dose of Mee CBD should be around 20mg, but you shouldn’t take more than 70mg a day.

    When should I take CBD?

    You can take CBD at any time. Most of our customers like to take some CBD in the morning and a little at night, though some prefer taking it throughout the day too. Find a rhythm that works and feel the benefits of fast and natural CBD.

    Is CBD legal in the UK?

    CBD products are completely legal to purchase and consume in the UK, but check before you take the products to other countries.

    What are the ingredients of Mee CBD?

    Mee CBD products are made with broad spectrum CBD organic hemp extract, gum arabic and tapioca starch. Our CBD Drops include deionised water too.

    Are there any dietary restrictions on water soluble CBD?

    Our CBD products are gluten-free, vegan and THC-free which means anyone can enjoy and feel the benefits of CBD.

    Where are your products produced?

    The CBD is created from broad spectrum CBD (organic hemp extract) grown in the USA but our product is manufactured in the UK.

    What CBD products can I buy from Mee?

    Mee CBD has a number of water soluble options available: the CBD drops, CBD powder sachets and even the Mee Starter Pack for those who want to give CBD a try before fully committing. We also offer CBG and CBD oil products.

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Tina P.
Works for me.

I use the drops for convenience but I also use the powder in pouches. It is slow to dissolve, and goes sticky, a bit like gelatine when water is added, but after lots of stirring it is ok. I have found it easier to dissolve when I mix it with another powder supplement I use, and mix it up dry before adding water/juice.
The product helps me as I have noticed considerable pain reduction in arthritic joints.
It may be in my mind but I feel the powder is more beneficial. Maybe because of all the stirring. 😊

Tina Pamplin
Quick and easy!

I use the drops as I find it simple to add to my drink. Tasteless too!

Gerry Cullen
Life Changing

Was a revelation finding this cbd oil, tried others but this has been life changing!

Wonderful wonderful wonderful

Wonderful wonderful wonderful

Vicky Hayward
Great Product

Great product, tastes lovely too.