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Mee advanced drops water solubme

Mee Water Soluble CBD Drops

CBD Swiss-army knife

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I’m so glad I switched

With Mee Drops, it’s easier now to add CBD to my morning juice without worrying about losing potency or altering my juice flavour. It doesn’t leave any oily residue inside my gym bottle either. Well done for making this product.


Mee Daily Best CBD Powder Sachets - Best CBD Isolate Powder

CBD Powder Sachets

A spoonful of CBD

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It’s part of my daily regime

I have been using Mee CBD for about a year. Tea and Mee greet me every morning. A great start to the day!!



CBG and CBD Drops

Add CBG for extra oomph

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Water Soluble CBD is the way forward

Water soluble CBD is the way forward... this stuff works well and the benefits are apparent, much more so than the oils which I have also used.


Mee Gift Starter

Precise and portable

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Much better than the oil

I've been using the powder for a few weeks now and find it to be much better that the 'oil-based' versions of CBD. Being water soluble I've been able to add it to pretty much any drink and it dissolves nicely and doesn't really alter the taste of the drink at all.


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