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CBD Drinks

Wow no Can​

CBD Drinks Liberated​

Time to break free from the can​

Limitless CBD Drinks​

What you want
when you
want it.

Introducing the ultimate CBD drinks experience. Transform any drink into a CBD drink. You decide the where, what and who. Ditch the can for limitless CBD drinks. Your way.

Choose your favourite drinks every time​

Peace of mind with 30 drinks in your pocket

You control your CBD dose

Up a mountain, at home, with friends. You decide.​

A radically
reliable new

Easily integrate Mee CBD into your daily wellness routine. Just choose a daily drink, one you have every day, and add Mee. Simply drop, drink and relax. The perfect CBD infused drink. Every time.

In harmony
with your

Mee's advanced and science-backed formulas navigate your body effortlessly. Meaning your CBD is reliably delivered to where its needed most. And fast. Without that oily taste. So your favourite drinks taste as good as always.
CBD intune
with you
No nonsense all plants

For All Body Types

Our water based CBD formulas are gentle on your system. And navigate all microbiomes to get to their destination. Meaning our absorption rates are between 5 and 10 times better than oils. Simply, you can rely on Mee.

Healthy daily Mee

Mild to No Taste

The lab coats of Mee have cloaked our CBD oil in a special vegan formula. This disguises taste and means it dissolves easily in any drink. So your favourite drinks taste like your favourite drinks. With no oily residue.

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Plant Science Pioneers

Fast Onset

Because our smart CBD skips through the tummy and gets straight to where it needs to go, it works in around 5 to 30 mins. So you don't have to sit and hopefully wait for your CBD to take effect.

Happy humans

Dependable Dosing

Mee's standard 20mg CBD doses are precise. So if your preference is for a light 10mg dose, you can trust that a half dose will be exactly that.

Looks good

Tastes good

Feels good.

Mee is THC free. Our products will not get you high. We're CBD drinks not THC drinks. You may have heard of cannabis and hemp. Well, we love hemp at Mee. And that's because hemp is where CBD drinks come from. Whereas cannabis drinks, with THC, are cannabis drinks.

Are CBD drinks legal in the UK?

Is CBD Legal?
Yes. Is the short answer. But only if they are THC free. As THC is illegal. So be careful who you buy your CBD infused drinks from.
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What are CBD drinks?

With Mee, CBD drinks are whatever you want them to be. CBD Drinks in a can have limited tastes. Are mostly sparkling. Not always healthy. Bulky to carry. And wasteful in a carbon sense. We believe Mee gives you the best of both. Your favourite cuppa but with a CBD boost. It's win win.

What do CBD drinks do?

What do CBD drinks do?

CBD drinks do what CBD does. They activate your endocannabinoid system (ECS). Research is ongoing but it suggests the ECS regulates your nervous system. CBD drinks are a convenient and effective way to get your daily dose.

Do CBD drinks work?

Do CBD infused drinks work?

CBD drinks made with dissolvable CBD work well. They navigate your body with ease to provide quick relief. CBD drinks with CBD oil do not work well. Most of the CBD perishes in your tummy. So some CBD drinks work well and some don't.

Liberate yourself from traditional drinks and oils

And be limitless with Mee

Anytime, anywhere with anyone

CBD drinks
your way

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Mee Drops

Our best seller. The swiss-army knife of CBD. Easy mixing, portable and powerful. Thirty 20mg doses in your pocket. Ready when you are. Your drinks, your strength, your way.

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