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CBD Coffee Trend in the UK

The majority of Brits can’t start the day without a cup of hot coffee in hand. And once our days have begun, it’s usually just a matter of time before we’re sipping our next latte, espresso or instant cup of coffee. Our dependency on hot caffeinated beverages has resulted in us drinking nearly 98 million cups of coffee per day! Many of us drink coffee to give us a much-needed pep in the morning. But, we may also experience unwanted side effects from caffeine. Could drinking CBD infused coffee be the answer coffee lovers are looking for? In this post, we’re exploring CBD coffee and the impact it can have on your body.

Health benefits of coffee

Several studies illuminate the positive effects of drinking coffee. Coffee beans contain various nutrients and are natural antioxidants (contributing to cell growth and recovery). And coffee is also scientifically proven to speed up metabolism, boost brain function, and reduce the risk of diabetes and liver disease. Plus, coffee has psychological benefits. Although we might associate coffee with anxiety-induced jitters, research from Harvard shows coffee drinkers are 20% less likely to become depressed, meaning coffee has some positive impacts on mental health conditions.

Despite these coffee induced benefits, it’s no secret that coffee isn’t always a good choice. Drinking too much coffee can increase heart rate, contribute to anxiety, and cause panic attacks. Those who already struggle with these conditions might try to steer clear of highly caffeinated drinks like coffee. In addition to this, studies show that consuming caffeine past two in the afternoon can disrupt sleep, leading to more serious health issues down the line.

CBD Coffee Trend in the UK - CBD Infused Coffee

Health benefits of CBD

Due to the cannabidiol compounds in CBD and our internal cannabinoid receptors, CBD can help regulate mood and relieve mental health conditions.

The cannabidiol compound (CBD) in cannabis helps reduce anxiety by connecting with our body’s endocannabinoid system. This system includes lots of different cannabinoid receptors throughout the body and brain. Two important receptors, CB1 and CB2, are in the central nervous system. Our central nervous system is responsible for regulating bodily functions such as the release and regulation of serotonin. The chemical serotonin affects our mood and mental health. Studies show those with depression suffer from low serotonin levels. And it’s believed varying serotonin levels contribute to anxiety and other mental health conditions.

Combining coffee and CBD

The popularity of coffee and the increasing market for CBD means it’s not surprising CBD coffee has become a trend. And it’s not just those interested in the CBD market testing this innovative concoction; everyday coffee drinkers are now experimenting with adding CBD to their coffee.

Is CBD coffee the best way to consume CBD?

So far, the response to CBD coffee is varied. Many people report that CBD takes the edge off coffee.  Providing them the alertness of coffee without the anxiety. This is reported by several CBD brands in the coffee space.  However, some health experts propose the combination could be risky and potentially unnecessary. Rather than experiencing a balancing act between the two substances, the stimulating effects of each of the coffee and CBD can combine to a double stimuli.

And therefore, some experts believe the effect could be counteractive against the intended benefits. Specifically referring to those managing mental health conditions whereby double stimuli can be counterproductive.

Despite this many people report a balancing effect with CBD and coffee.  And Mee CBD’s water-soluble formulation makes it easy to add to your daily coffee ritual. However, you may prefer to take CBD with a smoothie or post-workout.

CBD infused coffees are on the market however it is hard to understand the efficacy and consistency of these products.  Trialing with Mee CBD in your coffee allows you to control the dose and remain confident in the quality and consistency.   

CBD in coffee appeals to many seasoned CBD and coffee lovers.

If you are new to CBD perhaps it would be better to trial in isolation with a small cup of water.

We would recommend trying Mee CBD in your coffee if you’re a regular user of our CBD and check in to see if you feel any benefits, if you feel a balancing around the intensity of the coffee “high” then perhaps you are onto a winner.  If are taking CBD because you are experiencing benefits for mental health issues, then we would suggest avoiding coffee altogether.

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