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Quitting smoking with CBD – CBD to Quit Smoking

Although cigarette smoking has been on the decline over the last two decades, there are still around 6.9 million cigarette smokers in the UK. Many of these  say they want to pack in the habit. Smoking remains the world-leading cause of preventable death,   and is one of the most difficult addictions to kick. Tobacco dependency is behavioural and physical, it holds a tight grip over a smoker’s mind and lifestyle. Often, it can feel like no matter how hard you try, nicotine  always wins., Many smokers give up their ambition to quit  and give in  to the habit.

Recent studies have shown CBD could be an effective treatment for smokers wanting to quit.. The natural remedy doesn’t depend on nicotine, can cut out those unpleasant (and often unmanageable) side effects, and has been shown to offer a solution for the anxiety related effects of giving up an addiction.

Tobacco addiction

Tobacco addiction is largely due to nicotine. When nicotine enters the bloodstream, it sends a shot of adrenaline pumping around the body and releases dopamine in the brain. That’s why after a cigarette, you feel happy and re-energised. And before having your tobacco hit, you feel the opposite.

Tobacco affects the brain similarly to cocaine. But there’s one reason people are more susceptible to cigarette additions; it’s legal and easily accessible. You can fuel your dependency with one quick trip to the shop.

How to know if you’re addicted to tobacco

Although some people smoke socially, the majority develop a long-term addiction. If you have a tobacco addiction, you’ll be unable to stop smoking (even if you’ve attempted to quit), experience withdrawal symptoms if you go without a cigarette for a significant amount of time, and feel like you need to smoke after stressful experiences or at social occasions.

Quitting smoking with CBD - CBD to Quit Smoking

Behavioural versus physical additions

Tobacco addictions are behavioural and physical. Behavioural dependences refer to the habit of smoking. For example, if you smoke after every meal, your body and brain become accustomed to this. And to successfully quit, you need to replace the action or retrain your brain.

Physical dependencies are evident through the way your body reacts to the absence of smoking. After a few days of not smoking, your body will experience withdrawal symptoms such as irritability, anxiety, headaches, increased blood pressure, and low mood. When these symptoms hit, many smokers give in, reaching for a cigarette to alleviate their discomfort.

Using nicotine to quit smoking

One of the most popular methods for quitting smoking is nicotine products. Nicotine patches, gums and sprays are available to buy in local chemistss and are marketed as successful aids for giving up smoking. However, using nicotine to quit smoking skirts around the issue. By using these products, we’re maintaining our body’s nicotine dependency and making the transition back to smoking pretty tempting. hese solutions don’t tackle the behavioural addiction of smoking. Sticking on a patch isn’t quite the same as chatting with your friends in the smoking area of a bar. Although you can use nicotine vapes, cutting the harmful substance out of your life using a practical, long-term solution sounds much more appealing.

CBD and dopamine

After quitting smoking, your body is crying out for that sweet-sweet dopamine hit it’s used to. But instead, all you’ve got is an unbearable headache and increasing irritability. Fear not, as CBD can often help you manage these unpleasant feelings and give your body the natural chemical rush it craves.

CBD does this by promoting dopamine production in the brain. After consuming Mee CBD, the cannabidiol compounds react with your endocannabinoid system (ECS). The ECS influences a range of bodily functions, one of which is brain chemical production. The reaction between the neurotransmitters in your ECS and CBD increases dopamine levels, giving you a balancing feeling you’d usually get from smoking a cigarette.

CBD and Anxiety

The relationship between CBD and your ECS can also minimise smoking withdrawal symptoms. Mee CBD increases dopamine levels and regulates serotonin. When our brain chemical levels are irregular, we’re more susceptible to low moods and mental health conditions. Anxiety and depression and common side effects of quitting smoking. However, by taking Mee CBD, you can regulate serotonin and dopamine production, improving your mood and limiting the negative thought spiral many quitters endure.

Mee CBD and addiction recovery

Mee CBD could be your secret weapon to quit smoking for good,  potentially helping to relieve the unhelpful nicotine dependencies and difficult withdrawal symptoms. You could replace your old behavioural habits and reduce the side effects of quitting smoking by introducing the ritual of taking CBD into your life.

Mee CBD drops [1] and sachets [2] are specially formulated to drop into any drink and be more or less tasteless.  Our products are fast acting too and get to work in around 5 to 20 minutes.  So if you find a craving coming on, try taking a small amount of Mee CBD in a glass of water and see if it staves off that urge to reach for the lighter.,%2C%20and%20reward%2Dseeking%20behaviors.,as%20the%20%22happiness%20hormone%22.

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