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What's the perfect CBD dose for me and why?

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If you’re new to CBD, all the terminology can be overwhelming. You might have visited websites that sell you CBD in different percentages or milligrams which probably adds to your confusion. We can offer you some clarity and help you work out exactly how much CBD dosage you should take.


How much CBD dosage should I take?


Unfortunately, there is no CBD dosage chart or CBD dosage calculator, as it varies from person to person a lot. In the UK, the Food Standards Agency (FSA) is the organisation responsible for advising how much CBD you should take. This is because CBD is classed as a novel food in the UK. The FSA advises that you shouldn’t take more than 70mg of CBD per day. At Mee CBD, we recommend that you start out with one daily dose of 20mg and then gradually work your way up until you find the right balance for you.


What percentage of CBD should I take?


Going shopping for CBD can be overwhelming because of all the different percentages of products on offer. Companies sell products that have 1% CBD up to 40% or higher. If you take lots of 1% CBD, you’ll end up taking the same amount of CBD as a small amount of a 40% product. Therefore, sticking with the same percentage of CBD is much clearer.


We like to keep things simple at Mee CBD, so we don’t do percentages. Instead, all Mee CBD products focus on a dose of 20mg. One Mee Daily sachet contains 20mg, one pipette of Mee CBD Drops contains 20mg and one teaspoon of Mee Powder contains 20mg.


Is water-soluble CBD more effective?


Your recommended CBD dose varies depending on the format that you ingest it in. Water-soluble CBD is absorbed more effectively by your body into your bloodstream, compared to CBD oil. This means that the dosage of CBD is different. The CBD oil dose will therefore need to be higher to get the same effect. If you take 20mg of water-based CBD, more of it will end up in your body than if you take 20mg of oil-based CBD. This makes it feel stronger.


The great news is that this gives you much better value for money. If you take 20mg of oil-based CBD, most of this gets broken down by your stomach acid and passes through your body without getting to interact with your endocannabinoid system. With water-soluble CBD, much more of it goes into your bloodstream and gets absorbed more readily. Read here to learn more about water solubility.


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How often should I take CBD?


There are no strict rules about how many times a day you should take CBD, as long as you don’t exceed the FSA’s recommended daily amount of 70mg. As we focus on a CBD dosage of 20mg, you might like to take Mee CBD in the morning and the evening if you like.


However, while it doesn’t matter how often you take CBD during the day, it’s important to be consistent. Evidence suggests that taking CBD over a long period helps to improve its effectiveness. It can take a few days to feel the effects of CBD, so keep going even if you don’t feel anything at first.


Should I take CBD or put it on my skin?


You can buy CBD to ingest or apply topically. The type you pick depends on the reason you’re taking CBD. If you’re taking CBD to try and help with a skin condition, then applying CBD to your skin makes sense. Read here to learn more about using CBD to your skin - CBD oil for skin: Benefits, side effects, and more. However, ingesting a recommended CBD dose is important too. This is the best way for CBD to enter your bloodstream so that it can interact with your endocannabinoid system.


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Mee Organic CBD


When you pick your perfect dose, ensure your CBD is made from organic plants. Taking organic CBD means that you can be sure your product doesn’t contain any pesticides or nasty chemicals. All Mee CBD products are made from organically grown hemp plants. Some companies use cheap, non-organic plants to make their products, leading to poor-quality products that might contain other chemicals.


Summary: What’s the perfect dose for me?


Hopefully, we’ve helped to answer some of your questions. Mee CBD keeps it nice and simple to help you find the correct dose for you. If you’ve never tried CBD, it’s best to start with a smaller amount and work your way up gradually to find the perfect balance. Water-soluble, organic CBD is the best way to get the most out of CBD.


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