emp's use in modern society

Hemp in Modern Society

Mee Staff

What is hemp?


Hemp is part of the botanical class of the Cannabis Sativa cultivars. The plant is grown for many purposes including industrial materials and food. Hemp is also one of the most sustainable materials due to CO2 absorption and soil remediation capabilities. Although it is one of the most versatile and widely used plants, many people remain unaware of its influence. If you look closely, you'll see this jack-of-all-trades botanical is a crucial component to the foundation of our modern society.


The plant is a member of the Cannabis Sativa family, but it's different to the well-known marijuana plant. Unlike marijuana, hemp plants have a low concentration of THC and a higher amount of CBD. THC is the psychoactive compound which can be taken recreationally to achieve a mind-altering high but is also thought to medicinal qualities. Whereas CBD is often consumed as a remedy for a variety of physical and mental issues but without the high.


The plant is one of the world's fastest-growing plants, alongside bamboo. Its speedy growing process means it sequesters lots of CO2 from the atmosphere whilst it also provides lots of carbon and sugars to the soils. These qualities alone mean that just growing it is sustainable. The fact that materials can be created that replace cotton and wood amongst others at the same time, potentially make it the most important plant in the natural world..


This well-known plant has an easily identifiable exterior with a long fibrous stalk and thin leaves concentrated at the top. The plant can grow up to twenty feet tall. And most of these plants will be harvested from expansive hemp farms. Currently, Canada has the highest concentration of hemp plants, followed by China and France.


The benefits


There are numerous benefits to hemp, all of which contribute to it being one of the most popular plants for revival in the modern world.


Their seeds are rich in omega 3 and omega 6, protein, and fibre, making them a great addition to your diet. The plant's natural anti-inflammatory properties make it a successful acne treatment. And its fibres are extremely durable, contributing to hemp being one of the strongest natural fabrics.



How do people use it?


Because of its versatility, hemp is used across multiple industries.




Hemp was one of the first plants to be spun into fibre. And today, many brands still use the plant in their clothes, shoes and accessories. It is a great sustainable fashion choice because it's long-lasting, fast-growing and antibacterial.


Industrial textiles


The durability of the plant's fibres makes it ideal for creating industrial products such as nets, ropes, paper, carpets.




Vegetarians and vegans may enjoy a diet rich in hemp seeds. The seeds are naturally rich in protein and contain all nine amino acids! You can sprinkle these seeds on your meals, bake them into cakes and bread, or create hemp milk (a delicious dairy alternative).


People also enjoy the leaves of the plant in their tea or ground down in salads or porridge.


Hemp and CBD


Another modern use for hemp is deriving CBD from the plant. The plant is rich in the cannabidiol compound that has become a must-have health and wellness treatment in recent years.


There are multiple methods for extracting CBD from hemp plants. However, the two most common extraction modes are CO2 and ethanol extraction.


CO2 Extraction


To extract CBD using CO2, the plant is placed in a carbon chamber. The pressurised carbon dioxide pulls chemicals from the plant while maintaining its integrity.


Ethanol extraction


Separating compounds using ethanol requires soaking the plant in alcohol. As the alcohol infiltrates the hemp, it stripes its compounds and chlorophyll. After soaking, the alcohol is strained and heated, leaving CBD and other cannabinoids.


Hemp is an incredible plant. The Cannabis Sativa cultivator has innumerable properties that make it the perfect material for the modern world. From diet to medication, hemp can help us live healthier, more eco-conscious lifestyles.


One of the biggest benefits of this plant is the use of CBD. The plant's compound is extracted to help improve our health and wellness. Mee CBD uses hemp-derived CBD to create potentially life-changing natural remedies that have been reported to reduce pain, improve mental clarity and enrich your daily lives. In many ways, this wonderful plant and CBD are our secret weapons to surviving and thriving in what can sometimes be an overwhelming modern world. Shop Mee's organic hemp-extracted CBD products now.







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