Meet Crispin who uses Mee CBD for Insomnia and Sleep

Meet Crispin: Who takes Mee CBD for insomnia and reports incredible results.

Mee Staff

"Hey, my name's Crispin; I want to tell you how Mee CBD has helped my insomnia and sleep. Having spent over five and a half thousand pounds on various remedies to help treat chronic insomnia, which I have been suffering from for over ten years. When I first tried Mee Organic's Organic water-soluble CBD products, my sleep came back within days and my life improved radically; I can't recommend this product enough for insomnia, sleep, anxiety and many other health issues. Mee CBD, it’s a winner!"



Crispin takes Mee Drops in the morning with his cereal and in his chamomile tea at night time. CBD is well known for reportedly helping people relax in the evening and wind down to sleep. It has also often been shown to help you stay in a deeper sleep for longer, studies suggest.


Mee CBD water soluble Drops UK for sleep

Using Mee CBD for pain, Sleep, anxiety and depression

We've found that its a very common occurrence that Mee CBD customers have reportedly started taking Mee for a particular issue, but then find that it helps with other aspects of their life, as well as what they were targeting. In Crispin's case, he was having issues with Insomnia and sleep, which Mee CBD helped him a lot with. 


Water Soluble CBD vs CBD Oil

Another important point is to remember thats there's a difference between CBD oil and water soluble CBD. Many CBD oil users have turned to water-soluble CBD due to its convenience, it's taste and is bio-availability. Instead of having to put drops of oil under your tongue for 30 seconds and then swallowing, with water-soluble CBD you can simply put it in any drink and you can barely taste it. Many of Mee CBD customers find it so much more convenient and easy to integrate into their daily routine.

For more information on our organic, water-soluble CBD, discover our Mee Drops, Mee Daily and Mee Powder.




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