Medical Marijuana vs CBD

Prescribed Cannabis VS. Non-Prescribed CBD: Understanding the Difference

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The Difference between CBD & Prescribed Medicine

If you are confused between CBD and medical marijuana, you are at the right place for clarification. We will help you understand the difference, don’t worry about it. 

With medical marijuana becoming a thing in the UK, almost everyone had this confusion, so addressing it is essential.

CBD and medical marijuana are not the same.

They are manufactured differently, and each of them has a different impact on your body and mind. Their usage is also different.

Prescribed cannabis, also referred to as medical marijuana, is the same marijuana that people use for recreational purposes.

The only difference is that it is prescribed by a healthcare professional for medical purposes. It is made from the dried leaves and flowers of the cannabis plant. Medical marijuana can be smoked or used inhaled from bowls, pens, and so on. 

Please note that medical marijuana contains a high amount of THC, which is the substance responsible for intoxicating the mind or making you feel high. THC is derived from the cannabis plant and is responsible for interacting with neurotransmitters.  

On the contract, CBD products only contain 0.3% of THC or less.

To understand how this impacts your body and mind, let’s take a deeper look at THC. 

What is THC?

THC stands for Tetrahydrocannabinol and is the substance that makes you high. It can impact your memory, balance, speech, response time, and more. It can also help with minimising nausea and chronic pain.

CBD is also derived from the cannabis plant, but unlike THC, it does not make you high. Yes, CBD products do contain THC but in a very small amount. Most CBD products contain less than 0.3% of THC, ensuring that these products do not intoxicate your mind or make you high. That’s one of the reasons CBD products are safe for use for athletes and fitness enthusiasts. 


When you consume any CBD product that contains 0.3% or less THC, you can continue with your routine without any problem. On the contrary, prescribed cannabis or medical marijuana can make it difficult for you to focus, so you need to plan your day accordingly. For example, we wouldn’t recommend you to drive after consuming prescribed cannabis.

What About Over-the-Counter CBD Products?

Over-the-counter CBD products are becoming popular as CBD is receiving positive feedback from consumers. These products are now popular in the UK market, and the industry is rapidly growing. However, it is not allowed to make any medical claims related to the use of CBD products because more research is needed to confirm the impact of CBD on the human body and mind. Until adequate evidence is available, medical claims cannot be made.

People are now consuming CBD for various symptoms related to their physical and mental health. The common uses of CBD by consumers are for relieving body pain and stress. In most cases, as reported by consumers, CBD shows positive results for the symptoms without any side effects. It is fair to say that using CBD in controlled amounts is safe to use. 

However, with hundreds of manufacturers and different kinds of products available in the market, choosing the right one becomes difficult. We insist that you talk to your doctor before jumping into a full-fledged CBD routine to be sure that CBD can be used without your regular medicines and for your health conditions.

Criteria for CBD Products

When there are hundreds of CBD products available in the UK, it is important that you do your research and pick the right one for yourself. 

The Medical Cannabis Clinicians Society has a set of criteria for choosing the right CBD product for yourself.

It requires a medical practitioner to review the product and see if it offers good quality to consumers.  

Here are some things to look for when deciding on a product: 

  • Availability of the Certificates of Analysis (CoA) for the company’s products 
  • Any medical claims made by the company 
  • Availability of information on allergens 
  • Information on the recommended dosage 
  • Details of the legal levels of controlled cannabinoids


You need to look for these things before buying any CBD product. This is one-time research, so once you develop trust with a manufacturer, you don’t have to worry about the quality or reliability of their products. 

Most of our one-time customers turn into regular consumers based on the trust and quality of our products. Visit to have a look at our CBD products. 

So, What’s the Final Word?

Our pick is non-prescribed CBD for a number of reasons. Let’s list down some to summarise it for you!

  • Prescribed CBD is the same as recreational marijuana and makes you high
  • CBD contains a small amount of THC and does not make you high 
  • CBD has shown promising results for hundreds of consumers without any intoxicating effects
  • CBD products have minimal to no side effects on the body and mind
  • The downtime for CBD products is zero, and you can continue with your routine without waiting 
  • CBD products are popular amongst athletes and fitness enthusiasts

Please note that medical marijuana is the same as recreational marijuana. We need to repeat this because most people get carried away with the term ‘medical’ and assume that it won’t make them high or intoxicate the mind. 


So, before you make your pick, it’s important to know all the details and make the right choice for yourself.

Trust Mee CBD for Your CBD Needs

There are various manufacturers and sellers available in the UK that sell substandard CBD products. Most don’t follow any regulations and may use more amounts of THC than the prescribed amount. You shouldn’t take any risks and only trust reliable CBD manufacturers when buying CBD products in the UK.

Mee CBD is trusted by hundreds of regular consumers who have seen positive results in their symptoms with CBD products. We have a range of water-soluble products that get directly into the bloodstream and are likely to provide instant relief from the symptoms. You can easily use them with your food or drinks without worrying about any potential side effects.  

Our products are backed by thorough research and evidence so that Mee CBD products can provide you with relief from insomnia, body pain, stress, anxiety, and more. We have so far received a positive response from our clients and are confident that our products will help you too.

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We hope that this article was helpful in differentiating between prescribed and non-prescribed cannabis. Feel free to reach out to us for any queries and concerns!  

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