Meet Naomi: Naomi uses Mee CBD to help with her monthly cycle and mood.

Meet Naomi: "I use Mee CBD for my monthly cycle"

Mee Staff

Mee CBD for Menstrual Pain and Monthly Cycle

"Hi, I'm Naomi, I'm 38 years old and I live in London with my family. I've got two young children meaning that life can be pretty stressful at times. One reason I discovered CBD was to help with my monthly cycle. Since having my children, I have noticed a real difference in my cycle. It's a lot more painful and I suffer from bloating."

"I find my mood changes around that time too. I was sick of using painkillers to deal with it and wanted a more natural remedy to help it. So I came across CBD, a friend recommended it. It worked really well, apart from that I didn't enjoy having the oil in my mouth. Having to hold it under my tongue for a certain period of time, I just didn't like the taste of it."
"After doing some research, I came across Mee CBD and trialled their powder which has just completely transformed the way I take it. Thier products have become part of my morning routine, I put it in my smoothie every morning, I can't even taste it and I've noticed a real difference with my monthly cycle but also with my moods. It's been absolutely fantastic! It's so easy to use that I wouldn't want to change."


Mee Daily CBD for Monthly Cycle

Using Mee CBD for pain, monthly cycle and anxiety

We've found that its a very common occurrence that Mee CBD customers have reportedly started taking Mee for a particular issue, but then find that it helps with other aspects of their life, as well as what they were targeting. In Naomi's case, she was having issues with monthly pains and bloating, which apparently Mee CBD helped her a lot with. However, she also reported a generally improved mood in her busy, stressful life, which we all want!


Water Soluble CBD vs CBD Oil

Another point that is made by Naomi is an important one when deciding between CBD oil and water soluble CBD. Many CBD oil users have turned to water-soluble CBD due to its convenience, it's taste and is bio-availability. Instead of having to put drops of oil under your tongue for 30 seconds and then swallowing, with water-soluble CBD you can simply put it in any drink and you can barely taste it. Many of Mee CBD customers find it so much more convenient and easy to integrate into their daily routine.



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