Meet Neil: Who uses Mee CBD to help with his golf performance.

Meet Neil: Who uses Mee CBD to help with his golf performance.

Mee Staff

"Hi, my name is Neil and my journey to CBD started as an attempt to help my daughter who suffers from quite severe anxiety, and it’s ended up with me using it, far more than her.

I find it really helps with tension headaches and actually on a completely non-medicinal basis. I use CBD for Golf. I use it before I play golf. Because it completely relaxes me and from my perspective takes away all the tension in my body and that feeling of being relaxed certainly has improved performance, not that I’m very good anyway.

But has certainly made me enjoy my game far more and the removal of the tension headaches has really really helped, I can’t praise it highly enough. Mee is the first and only CBD I have every tried and it fantastic, easy to sue, tasteless, absolutely does the job. Thank you Mee, you’re great."

CBD for golfers

CBD is becoming increasingly popular in professional sport, and Neil experiences a great example of how it can improve your game.

Whether it's to help you feel calm or less anxious, or whether it is to help with pain relief or muscle recovery, CBD is proving to be a useful tool for people willing to give it a go. It is a natural supplement that is recognised as safe across sport governing bodies around Europe.

Whether you are a professional athlete or an occasional gym attender, CBD may well help your performance and recovery, as it does for so many people.

Considering CBD For Muscle Recovery? Here’s What You Need To Know. (

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