Surfing and Mee CBD

Surfing and Mee CBD

Mee Staff

CBD for surfing?

Whether you have taken up surfing as a fun active pastime or a full-time sport, those in the surfing community have no doubt heard about the benefits of CBD for all sports people. CBD has received support from all manners of sport, from weightlifting to football; as surfing depends particularly on upper body strength, CBD is the perfect answer to aiding sore muscles and reducing inflammation from physical exertion.

CBD acts as a reset switch to restore the body to its natural balance, targeting receptors in the body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS). After a long day of surfing, the ECS can easily become imbalanced as the body is put under high amounts of physical pressure and stress.

As we exercise, our muscles work and the muscle fibres tear, creating inflammation and causing muscle aches. CBD is a natural anti-inflammatory substance that works to reduce the levels of inflammatory cells in the body, making it a vital supplement to any surfer’s daily routine. An alternative to over the counter pain relief such as ibuprofen, CBD maintains the body’s ECS and supports the body’s ability to heal itself naturally; many surfers swear by the rejuvenating power of CBD in helping soothe injuries and ease any anxieties.

Mee CBD is the perfect helping hand for any outdoor water sports lifestyle as it can be easily incorporated into your daily surfing routine, to help promote recovery and get you back out on the waves feeling strong and balanced. Our organic blend of CBD helps to aid a variety of ailments, from physical injuries and chronic pain to daily mind battles such as insomnia, anxiety and depression. With the rise of plant-based nutrition in the surfing community, natural, organic products are more important than ever in maintaining a healthy balanced diet and ensuring the body’s optimum performance.

Try mixing a dose of Mee CBD into your pre-surf morning smoothie, or stir a spoonful into a cup of tea after a long day on your board to soothe sore muscles. Mee CBD is also the perfect answer in supporting quality sleep after a long day of surfing; sleep is a major method of recovery for athletes and is vital in improving the chances of surfing for longer. Alternatively, our Mee CBD Drops can be easily incorporated into your surfing routine and popped into your surf bag for an on-the-go boost, perfect for calming nerves or any pre-competition anxieties.

With the repeated use of upper body strength in surfing, both amateur and professional surfers will benefit from incorporating CBD into their surf routines, restoring the ECS to its natural balance and leaving you feeling stronger, fitter, and ready to ride that next wave.

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