CBD and golf

CBD and golf

Mee Staff

Golf is a complex game involving both physical and mental skill. You need a combination of strength and flexibility as well as the ability to focus over long periods. Golfers are always looking to find marginal gains, whether that be through the latest clubs. balls or superstitions - like Tiger Woods’ lucky red shirt. Mee CBD for golf is also growing in popularity for golfers because of its anti-inflammatory and calming properties. It doesn’t get you ‘high’ like cannabis does and it’s completely natural.

Professional golfers who use CBD for golfing

Several professional golfers use CBD to help their game. One of the first golfers to go public with their support for CBD was two-time Masters winner Bubba Watson. The 42-year-old is always looking for ways to prolong his professional golf career and he has promoted CBD on his visor. Phil Mickelson, who recently won the 2021 PGA Championship at the age of 50, is thought to use CBD after footage showed him using a dropper of oil on the course. Tiger Woods is also rumoured to be a user of CBD products.

The executive director of the PGA Tour’s anti-doping programme, Andrew Levinson, has said that enquiries about the use of CBD in golf have increased exponentially in recent years. The fact that so many professional golfers have spoken about their use of CBD has made many amateur players curious about its advantages.

Is CBD permitted for athletes?

CBD is permitted for athletes under World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) guidelines. However, THC remains a prohibited substance. This means when you buy CBD you need to make sure you buy from reputable companies that publish third-party lab reports. At Mee CBD you can see the lab report for every product on its product page. Nonel of our products contain THC.

CBD and golfers’ elbow

Golfers’ elbow can put an end to a round of golf, and it even makes some people put their golf clubs down forever. It’s a form of tendinitis that’s similar to tennis elbow. The pain is caused by damaged muscles and tendons that control your wrists and fingers. One of the best ways to treat golfers’ elbow is to rest. You can apply ice to numb the pain and your doctor might be able to recommend some stretches and exercises to help. CBD might be able to help reduce inflammation and also provide some pain relief to help you get back on the course quicker.

CBD and accuracy

You have to be accurate to succeed at golf. Accuracy comes not just from physical preparation but also from mental focus. You can’t be accurate on the golf course if you’re tired or stressed. CBD can help as it’s been shown to improve sleep and reduce anxiety. Adding a sachet of water-soluble Mee CBD powder to your water bottle can help you stay calm on the course. Taking a few sips just before an important shot can help you stay in the game.

CBD for powerful drives

Golf isn’t always thought of as a sport that requires a lot of strength and power. However, in recent years courses have been extended and golfers need greater strength to drive the ball onto the green. Golfers are spending longer in the gym building muscle and fitness. Players like Bryson DeChambeau are showing the value of having a strong drive. CBD can help you recover more quickly between training sessions and also reduce your risk of injury. More on this below…

CBD for injuries

While golf isn’t as high impact as some other sports, it can still lead to injury. It’s important to stretch regularly before and after you play to avoid straining any muscles, especially in your lower back. Muscle inflammation can dampen your enjoyment of the game and mean you have to spend weeks in the clubhouse rather than out on the course.

CBD is a natural anti-inflammatory that can help your muscles recover faster between games. Anandamide is a cannabinoid that occurs naturally in our bodies which helps regulate inflammation. When it breaks down too quickly, it can lead to muscle pain and chronic inflammation. CBD helps to preserve anandamide by slowing down its absorption into the bloodstream, which means it can work for longer and reduce inflammation.

There’s a reason CBD has become so popular with professional golfers. It has the ability to help with the physical and mental side of a game of golf while being legal under WADA regulations. CBD is a natural way to improve your game.

Mee CBD drops are a very convenient way to take CBD on the course. Our advanced water-soluble range gets to work in 5-15 minutes when oils tend to take an hour or two. As such, the improved concentration is merely one par 4 walk from taking effect. Finally, CBD has been shown to increase recovery by reducing inflammation caused by stress on the body, mean you’ll be back on the course in no time.



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