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5 simple ways to get the best out of CBD

Mee Staff
how to use CBD

Here are some tips to learn more about how to use CBD properly

There is still much to learn about how to properly unlock the power of CBD in our daily diets. Those who have researched its potential for decades advocate that ‘little but regular’ can become powerful preventative care, and an important part of good nutrition.

Here are our other team tips about how to get the most out of CBD according to your own needs:

  1. Start ‘low and slow’. If you are just starting out with CBD then it is best to begin with a small dose, monitor its effects on your body and then build up from there.
  2. Look for ‘broad-spectrum CBD’ to get the optimum benefit of the plant. This should be clearly marked on any CBD product. You might have heard of something called the ‘entourage effect’ – this is when all the cannabinoids are working in harmony to optimise the positive impact. You only get this with ‘broad-spectrum’ CBD. However, there are many CBD products which are what is called ‘isolate’ only – this means the other elements present have been stripped away. We only make broad-spectrum CBD products as we know this to be the better formulation. You can learn more about all this (and other jargon!) here
  3. Vary the way you take your CBD to feel its differing impact. Many people like to take a pipette of Mee Drops in a herbal tea one hour before bedtime to ease them into sleep, but some prefer to shake a teaspoon of powder into a morning smoothie or juice. I am a herbal CBD tea fan myself, my husband carries a few sachets to work and takes his straight up with water at lunchtime and my mother religiously stirs one teaspoon into her morning porridge…try a few different ways and see what works for you, and always listen to your body.
  4. Pay attention to the formulation of your CBD. Not all CBD products are made equal, there can be huge variance in the formulation, the strength, the manufacturing processes and the quality of the hemp itself. You need to look for the same standards you would apply to any key ingredients of your health and wellbeing i.e organic, rigorously tested with the requisite certification, transparent and trusted supply chain....if you are not sure then ask before you buy.
  5. The mg CBD content can be misleading. An assumed industry standard has developed to use the mg content of CBD as a key indicator of strength and, by default, price. This may be a useful shorthand but does not tell the whole story and can be misleading. Different formulations are absorbed differently by the body, for example 1mg CBD in oil is not the same as 1mg of CBD in water-soluble. As beneficial as CBD oil is, our bodies are still largely water which means anything water soluble is far easier for the body to absorb. There is a huge difference in the bioavailability of many of the CBD products on the market. Research suggests you need just 10% of a microencapsulated water-soluble CBD dose to receive the same benefits as an oil. So, look for water-soluble for optimum absorption, efficacy and strength, and look for oils as a topical top-up as needed.

In short, not all CBD is made equal. Understanding the difference between products, listening to your body and choosing what works for you are all critical in unlocking the most from this powerful plant.

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