Athletes who use CBD

Athletes Who Use CBD

Mee Staff

Taking CBD has many benefits. It can help whether you’re an office worker, gym lover or light sleeper. However, many athletes are also regular users of CBD because it helps with pain relief, muscle recovery and improved performance. From rugby players to golfers, to fighters to strongmen, here are some famous athletes who use CBD.

James Haskell

The English rugby legend isn’t just a famous podcaster, I’m a Celebrity contestant and former MMA fighter. He’s also a famous athlete who uses CBD. His career spanned almost two decades and he received 77 senior England caps, but during that time, his body was subject to many injuries. To cure his aches and pains, he turned to CBD.

He and his fitness influencer wife, Chloe Madeley, have been open about their use of CBD. Notably how it helps with muscle recovery, pain relief and improved training.

Mike Tyson

The formerly undisputed world champion (1987-1990) is one of the world’s most iconic athletes of all time. The only thing stronger than The Hangover actor’s punch is his outspoken advocacy of CBD. He regularly uses CBD to help him with training, before and after his boxing bouts. 

Tyson started his own 40-acre farm in South California six years ago and is a more vocal supporter of CBD than ever. We certainly wouldn’t want to disagree with him! 

Rob Gronkowski

The 4-time Superbowl winner and Tom Brady’s best buddy is one of the greatest tight ends of all time. Gronkowski is also a user of CBD who credits the product with accelerated injury recovery and pain relief. 

One incident - which ironically happened on the football field (not American football!) - jammed his toe, causing the former New England Patriot great pain. His Dad, who used CBD for back pain, recommended it to him and now the athlete uses CBD for pain management of all kinds.

Eddie Hall

It’s no secret that Eddie Hall is one of the strongest people on the planet. His victory in 2017’s World’s Strongest Man competition when he deadlifted 472.5 KG only proves that. Beyond his impressive physicality, Hall is a key proponent of CBD use. 

He has spoken regularly in public about CBD’s capability to improve physical wellness, has debunked myths about the difference between CBD and THC and has raised awareness about its benefits.

Bubba Watson

Golf combines mental and physical resilience more than most sports. Not many golfers represent that blend better than two-time Masters Champion, Bubba Watson, another athlete who uses CBD. The man with the long drive has stated CBD eases the rigours of professional golf and credits it for keeping him free of injury. When he spoke to CNN, Watson said “It was about how I create longevity in the game of golf. CBD was easily a fit for me.”

Other golf legends who have used CBD include Charley Hoffman, Phil Mickelson and even Tiger Woods.

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