CBD has been shown to help many people with their Gym work-out recovery and performance

CBD has been shown to help many people with their Gym work-out recovery and performance

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CBD Pre Workout - Going to the gym is part of many of our lives. Regular exercise improves your physical health, gives you more energy, and contributes to a better mindset. But, sometimes, our bodies need time to catch up with our gym routine. After a workout, our muscles need time to relax and regenerate. CBD can help assist with muscle and gym recovery, helping your body feel better and preparing you to hit the weights, the running machine or the pool again.

What is gym recovery?

When we work out, we cause micro tears in the body's muscles. If left untreated, these small muscle tears can develop into strained or pulled muscles that can cause long term problems. Instead of visiting the gym and pushing our bodies to exhaustion, we should engage in regular workouts that push our bodies the right amount. And after a few intense days at the gym, we need to take a break and wait for our bodies to recover.

Types of gym recovery

There are multiple ways to care for our bodies after a workout. Here are some of the best ways to promote gym recovery:


Did you know some top athletes get nearly ten hours of sleep a night! Sleep gives your body time to rest and repair. When you're sleeping, your body is working hard to fix those tiny muscle tears and provide you with more energy for your next exercise session.


Working out causes damage to the proteins in your muscle fibres. Consuming enough protein before and after your workout aids muscle recovery.


Carbohydrates turn into glycogen energy, the energy we use when exercising. To ensure you can reach your full potential, you need to be eating enough carbs and restock your glycogen energy levels after working out.

Hydration and a healthy diet

Drinking enough water and absorbing nutrients from a balanced diet helps your muscles repair themselves quicker.

How CBD can improve your workout routine

The micro tears in our muscles can cause soreness and aches due to inflammation. Inflammation occurs when the body is trying to protect itself. As the body recovers from muscle tears, it wants to protect itself from further damage.

CBD is scientifically proven to reduce inflammation and cause pain relief. As such, people using CBD after a workout are reporting gym recovery is sped up and discomfort is minimized as their bodies heal.

How does CBD reduce inflammation?

Studies show cannabinoids (including CBD) are naturally anti-inflammatory. Although more research is required into how CBD reduces inflammation, one potential way is through inhibiting COX2, an eicosanoid enzyme. Aspirin and other pain mediations also use this method but, CBD does it naturally.

Another way in which it is believed CBD decreases inflammation is through interacting with cytokines. Cytokines are molecules responsible for causing inflammation. CBD reduces the number of cytokines molecules, reducing inflammation and lessening inflammation pain.

CBD Pre Workout - Post Workout and gym recovery

If you regularly work out and want a remedy for dealing with post-workout pain, Mee CBD is the answer. The natural compound promotes gym recovery without filling your body with other unwanted chemicals.

Consuming Mee CBD daily might benefit your body's recovery and provide you with a better mindset during your workout. How you consume CBD is up to the individual. If you want a quick fix after a workout, you can dissolve Mee CBD in your protein shake or smoothie. Or, if you'd like to experience the effects of CBD throughout the day, you might take it in the morning with a hearty and nutritional breakfast. CBD is great for supporting muscle recovery. However, taking CBD daily, not just on rest days, causes a more significant change.

If you find that CBD helps your body recover quicker, you can advance at the gym faster and potentially experience less pain as you push your body towards your fitness goals. Mee CBD is a natural way to find out if CBD can boost your gym prospects and care for your physical wellbeing at the same time.

A huge proportion of professional athletes consider CBD as a crucial part of their training nutrition for optimum performance, from rugby players, to MMA fighters, to body builders and even long distance runners. Below are some links to articles about famous athlete relationships with CBD.

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