Can CBD provide relief from tennis elbow?

Can CBD provide relief from tennis elbow?

Mee Staff

If you are looking for relief from tennis elbow pain, then Mee CBD for tennis elbow relief is the answer, let us find out why - Tennis elbow is a painful and debilitating condition that affects the tendons in your elbow. Discomfort from tennis elbow can last for a prolonged period and may make you unable to engage in your usual everyday activities. But what if there was a way to minimise the pain and end the vexation from tennis elbow? CBD could be the answer you're searching for.

What is tennis elbow?

Tennis elbow occurs from overusing the elbow. Intense movement and repetitive motions overwork the tendons in your elbow. Despite its name, tennis players (and athletes) aren't the only people who suffer from the condition. Anyone can develop tennis elbow, but it's more likely to be those who engage in the same movements daily (tennis players, painters, carpenters). Tennis elbow pain can be extremely uncomfortable and may spread to the arm and wrist in more extreme cases. But the good news is that there are remedies for reducing tennis elbow pain, so you can get back to playing the sport, or engaging in the activity you love in time.

How CBD can help with pain relief

Research shows the cannabidiol compound is effective at reducing pain. Mee CBD customers take our products to help manage knee and Back pain, Headaches, and an array of other physical pain conditions.

CBD and inflammation

CBD tackles pain by reducing inflammation. The repeated contraction of the forearm muscles inflammation of the elbow. Inflammation is our body's response to pain. When you're experiencing tennis elbow, the body inflames this area to prevent further damage during recovery. Although our body is looking out for us, the inflammation process can be very painful!

When we consume Mee CBD, the compounds interact with the body in the same way as prescription medication. CBD inhibits the body's COX2 enzyme. Our COX2 enzyme is responsible for setting off the inflammation process. CBD has been shown to become a barrier, helping to reduce inflammation and pain as a result.

The natural compound also stops inflammation by interacting with cytokines. Cytokines are proteins that signal the immune system to create changes in the body. When we have tennis elbow, we experience what is known as a 'cytokine storm'. The excess number of cytokines produces a hyperactive inflammatory reaction. However, Mee CBD reduces the number of cytokines present, stopping the cytokine storm and reducing inflammation— making your tennis elbow much less painful.

How can you develop tennis elbow?

Overuse results in our elbow tissue getting tired and sore. Repeating the same motion puts pressure on the wrist, causing tiny tears in the tendons. There are several ways you can overwork the forearm muscles and elbow that lead to tennis elbow, these include:

  • Using tools
  • Painting
  • Cutting up food (especially tough food)
  • Using a computer mouse
  • Playing tennis
  • Weight lifting
  • Fencing
  • Typing
  • Knitting

People of all ages can experience tennis elbow. However, the condition is more common among those in the 30-50 age bracket.

Common pain relief methods for tennis elbow

Tennis elbow has been around for centuries, and people of all occupations will continue to suffer from it. If left untreated, tennis elbow will get better on its own. However, the pain and discomfort can last from six months to two years and be extremely debilitating and frustrating. If you’re keen to get back to regular life, you’ll want to find a quick and effective solution for managing the condition.

If you develop tennis elbow, the first step in recovery is to rest. You’ll have to stop doing the activity that caused the condition and other similar activities that may exaggerate your discomfort. Adding a cold compress against your elbow for a few minutes can help alleviate the pain.

Some people choose to take painkillers and anti-inflammatory medication. However, others prefer to avoid pharmaceutical drugs unless completely necessary. Instead, you might want to use a 100% natural remedy such as Mee CBD.

CBD for tennis elbow

Tennis elbow is, unfortunately, part of an active lifestyle. Consider it as your body telling you to relax. If you do experience tennis elbow, or any other painful inflammatory response, try taking some Mee CBD , sit back with an ice pack, and wait to see if the compound's anti-inflammatory properties will work for you like it has for other customers. Hopefully you'll be back on the court in no time.,the%20outside%20of%20the%20elbow.,in%20an%20excessive%20inflammatory%20reaction.,people%20who%20develop%20tennis%20elbow.


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