Hi, it's Mee Organic!

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About Mee Organic CBD
We are a collective of bio-science experts, farmers, product developers, creatives and, most importantly, friends. Between us we have more than two decades of experience in the cannabis industry and more than 30 years of friendship!

We have been developing Mee organic CBD for nearly 3 years now and we were ready with our new range just as the global pandemic hit. As a start-up operating entirely virtually we have been distanced physically (from Canada to South Africa!) but not emotionally.

Making a difference Mee Organic

Even before launch Mee Organic CBD started making a difference to the lives of those we love.
Mee Organic - Inspired by Nature

Inspired by nature

It was during our product trial that we realised we’ve got something really special here. After only a few days taking Mee Organic CBD once a day some of our closest loved ones went from having chronic pain to being able to walk more upright or from being so tightly wound they were crying in the toilet to being able to get out of bed with a smile.

Simpler way of life

This is why we do it. Mee Organic CBD actually works, it actually makes lives better – and nothing could be more motivating, or bring us more pride than that. So, we’re on a mission to get this to as many people as possible – this is the good stuff, for good days, for good people.
Mee Organic - Simpler way of Life
Mee Organic - Happiest Outdoors

We are happiest outdoors

We christened our business after someone whose journey inspired our Founders – well. specifically the 7 year old daughter of one of our Founders who is obsessed with female explorers – the pioneering female conservationist-explorer Margaret Mee.

Good life on a restored planet

Margaret Mee in the 1950s was one of the foremost figures to go deep into the Amazon and highlight the rare, valuable botanicals she discovered there. Margaret Mee used her fearless creativity to show the world the beauty and power of plants, a mission we share today.
Mee Organic - Restored Planet

Certified insider knowledge...

Those who have Mee Organic CBD in their lives share with us the difference it makes