Mee, you and us.

We are young leaders in the cannabis industry who know first-hand the positive impact this powerful plant can have on the daily lives of so many.

MeeCBD - What is CBD?

We are a collective of nutritional scientists, hemp engineers, farmers, creatives and, most importantly, friends. Between us we have more than two decades of experience in the cannabinoid industry from North America to Africa; this team has been behind many of the major developments in the hemp industry and is so proud to bring Mee, the finest cannabinoid range there is, to our UK communities.

Making a difference

Even before launch Mee CBD started making a difference to the lives of those we love.

Committed to the power of nature.

The path to Mee accelerated when a close relative of our team was diagnosed with a brain tumour. Cannabinoids have proved a vital part of supporting their journey back to health. This has underscored our passion to get the power of this plant to as many people as possible.


Feel at your natural best.

This is why we do it. Mee CBD actually works, it actually makes lives better - and nothing could be more motivating, or bring us more pride than that. So, we're on a mission to get this to as many people as possible - this is the good stuff, for good days, for good people.

Pioneers by nature.

We christened our business after someone whose journey inspired our Founders - well. specifically the 7 year old daughter of one of our Founders who is obsessed with female explorers - the pioneering female conservationist-explorer Margaret Mee.


Good life on a restored planet.

Our business was christened after Margaret Mee. Margaret Mee was a pioneering figure in the 1950s, one of the foremost figures to go deep into the Amazon and highlight the rare, valuable botanicals she discovered there. Margaret Mee used her fearless creativity to show the world the beauty and power of plants, a mission we share today.

Henry – 30


"I have tried many CBD products in my time, as it does so much good for my mental and physical wellbeing. I used to use oils, however understanding how much better water soluble CBD is, I would never go back to oils."

Lyn – 71


"I have being taking Mee CBD every morning for 5 weeks and my residual bone aches from age and chemotherapy have vastly improved in a way that no other natural remedies have helped."
MeeTree Clearback

They’re talking about Mee…

Those who have Mee in their lives share with us the difference it makes

Dan – 26


"I see first hand the difference CBD takes to all manner of mental conditions - Mee CBD is one of the best and for my personal use makes a huge difference to my daily energy."

Julie – 38


"Taking Mee CBD has allowed my hormones to totally rebalance meaning I can now make it through a normal day without losing the plot!"