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Tiny but

Unwind in minutes, not hours, with your new compact companion. Enjoy 60 soothing servings, perfect as a relaxing nighttime drop, a calming addition to any drink, or a targeted muscle rub.

Gluten Free


THC Free



Organically grown

Organically grown


1-3 Day Delivery

From £19 per bottle
(30p per serving)


Premium CBD at a fraction of cost

Unmatched Value

Because your body effortlessly absorbs our CBD—you need less, so you pay less.

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Absorb more,
pay less

MeeMighty CBD Oil

Your body loves absorbing our water-based CBD oil, ensuring 80-90% of the CBD is effectively utilized to enhance your overall wellness.
Absorb less,
pay more

Standard CBD oils

Traditional CBD oils don’t work as hard for you—most of it goes unused with only 10-20% getting absorbed. You deserve better efficiency.
Your pocket-sized pal that carries
calm wherever you go

CBD oil | CBD drinks | CBD balm

Quick Relief: Three Ways

CBD Simplified: your complete CBD solution for oil, drinks, and balm.

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CBD Oil Dropper

Simply drop the mild-tasting CBD for quick and easy relief.

CBD Drinks Mixer

Seamlessly blend with any drink for an instant upgrade.

CBD Balm Rub

Relieves sore muscles with just a couple drops and a rub.

CBD Oil Dropper

Simply drop the mild-tasting CBD for quick and easy relief.

CBD Drinks Mixer

Seamlessly blend with any drink for an instant upgrade.

CBD Balm Rub

Relieves sore muscles with just a couple drops and a rub.

Discover CBD’s best kept secret.

Dive into the heart of our vibrant community. Uncover personal stories and transformative moments that will inspire and uplift your daily journey.


A glass of water and MightyMe CBD. It’s so much easier to take than CBD oils.


Much better than the oil based

I’ve been using the MightyMe drops and  I’ve been able to add it to pretty much any drink it dissolves nicely and doesn’t really alter the taste of the drink at all.

Chris Cops


My morning coffee and MightyMe CBD drops. The easiest way to get my daily CBD.


Great product and service

Ordered the water soluble bottle for my Mum to try and she’s really feeling the benefits so have just ordered 3 more bottles. Thank you!

Brendan Toomey


It’s so easily dissolved into water, tastes great and it’s easy to drink.


Very good product

Very good product, much better than CBD oils. Also I have to appreciate service the Company provide, very professional and helpful.



It was really easy to take. It just dissolves in water, and it tastes good!


Brilliant CBD company

Brilliant CBD company. Different category! Can’t even compare to the other old school technologies.

David Balogh


MightyMe CBD oils I’ve tried before taste bad, but I don’t even taste MightyMe in my smoothies.


Excellent service as always

Excellent service as always. My first purchase of the drops.

Bob Depledge


I found MightyMe very easy to use and it’s tasteless!


Life doesn’t need to be so complicated

Life doesn’t need to be so complicated, MightyMe, I believe, helps us to see that.



Every night before bed, I have my MightyMe with a glass of water.


Life Changing

Was a revelation finding this cbd oil, tried others but this has been life changing!

Gerry Cullen


I was skeptical about water-soluble CBD, but this is better and much easier than CBD oil.


Much prefer water soluble to oil

Thanks guys, great product & service. Much prefer water soluble CBD to oil.



MightyMe works great for my mum and I. They’re so easy to take.


Its part of my daily regiment

Have been using MightyMe for about a year. It’s part of my daily regimen. Tea and MightyMe greet me every morning. A great start to the day!!


Mighty Mission
We exist to simplify your search for calm amidst daily chaos—a deep breath for your body, a peaceful moment for your mind. We cherish the outdoors, adore nature, and embrace a simple, organic way of life.

Our innovative water-soluble CBD oil, delivered in just a tiny dropper, seamlessly fits into your life. It replaces the clutter of various CBD products with one perfect solution, dramatically reducing waste from CBD drinks in cans, excess CBD oil droppers, and CBD balm tubs.

We've scaled mountains and delved deep into nature’s secrets to bring you this singular, effective solution. Our hope is that it helps you find balance, enjoy life’s moments more deeply, and effortlessly breeze through your days.

This is our passion. We are a dedicated team, driven by the pursuit of excellence, constantly seeking out the best ways to enhance your daily experience. In a world filled with stress and challenges, we are here to bring you joy and ease, one blissful drop at a time.
Mighty Moments
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🌟 Meet MightyMe: Your New Compact Companion 🌟

Carry calm everywhere—ideal as a nighttime drop, drink blend, or muscle rub. This all-in-one, cost-effective CBD solution offers quick, precise relief. We’re evolving from Mee to focus on MightyMe, a superior option. Celebrate life’s mighty moments with us every day—you’ll love this even more

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