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Discover why the Mee community are switching to our advanced water soluble range from traditional CBD oils.

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Why Mee ?

Mee Organic CBD Pack
Mee Organic CBD Drops

Rapid & Effective

Mee’s next generation CBD gets straight into the blood system providing fast relief with each 20mg dose being equivalent to 100-200mg of CBD in oils.

Trusted Quality

Our broad-spectrum cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids are organically grown and pharmaceutically processed to dissolve in water, creating a highly consistent single-dose delivery.

Accessible Pricing

From less than £1 per day for our recommended and powerful daily dose, we price to deliver on our mission to make high-quality CBD accessible to everyone.

Perfect Fit

Mild tasting, dissolvable and designed to sit next to the kettle, blender or on the bedside table, simply add Mee CBD to a daily cup of tea, smoothie, glass of water or take our drops orally.
Mee Organic CBD Drops
Mee Organic CBD Pack

Mee CBD has a one strength fits all approach.

Each monthly pack of Mee Powder or Mee Drops contains 30 recommended 20mg daily doses that are highly consistent and potent – each is typically quicker and stronger than +100mg of CBD in oil.

“Mee CBD works!” So our customers tell us…

“Thank you Mee, best CBD in the UK – it actually works for me.”  is the most regular thing our customers tell us; they report many positive changes in their lives from being a chronic insomniac to getting 8 good hours a night, from finding it hard to stand straight to running around with the kids, from struggling with severe stress at work to finding the energy to balance it all, from suffering with severe PMS to sailing through the monthly cycle. These stories and many more are why we do what we do.

A good nights sleep
Mee CBD happy customer

CBD – A daily dose of natural feel-good

Our nervous systems control immune response, digestive response, and mind/body connection.  CBD activates your endocannabinoid system that works as a kind of intelligence for the nervous system.  When our customers turn this on – they report lots of positive changes.

Take the edge off

Mee CBD – An advanced formulation

Our advanced water-soluble CBD formulations mean that around 90% of Mee CBD gets to where it needs to, in a matter of minutes and across body types.  Once dissolved in water, Mee CBD bypasses the tummy, gets into the blood system, and delivers its goodness throughout body and mind.  CBD Oils tend to have slow onset as navigating the digestive system takes one to two hours, whilst only 10-20% of the CBD survives to reach its destination and in some cases none-at-all.

They’re talking about Mee…

I cannot be without this powder

I cannot be without this powder, its been a huge help in my long covid recovery. It gives me energy in the day and better sleep at night. Great service and prompt delivery too. My only issues is that they do bigger bags for a reduced price rather than 3 smaller ones.

Susie Smith - 06/06/2022

Game changer

Overjoyed and about to order again, I have been suffering from a long term uterus inflammation issue and the water soluble CBD has been a game changer.

Prerna Saraff - 20/06/2021

Much quicker and stronger delivery

I have been using CBD for the last 4 years and experienced huge benefits from it - From completely eradicating my insomnia and tennis elbow pain, to helping with stress and anxiety, when I have gone through a challenging period. The MeeCBD product gave me all the previous benefits, but with a much quicker and stronger delivery. I even prefer this format to take it in, rather than putting the drops under your tongue. I'm absolutely converted, and won't be going back to CBD oils now. Keep up the good work MeeCBD! #customerforlife

Sophie - 20/11/2020

Back pain completely gone!!

After about a week of taking Mee CBD I began to realise not only was I sleeping really well but the constant back pain I had been suffering for over a year had completely gone. Not only gone but has left me feeling more supple and energised. It’s amazing!

Jenny Cullen - 03/12/2020

Mee is a great CBD product

Mee is a great CBD product. I drink with water as a shot before bed and it helps me get off to sleep quickly!

Rachel Saunders - 13/12/2021

I highly recommending Mee CBD

I highly recommending Mee CBD. It's great product. It bring a very good impact on my health. I was using oils before but this one it amazing. As a holistic therapist I recommend to many of my clients in different age and all of them are extremely happy.
Both product and customer service are excellent.
I can't thank you enough guys.

Krzysztof Klimek - 28/01/2022

Best CBD I have taken and let me tell…

Best CBD I have taken and let me tell you, I've spend hundreds on other brands. This helps with my anxiety and my sleepless nights (they can be very bad). I have recommended and will recommend to all. I have met one of the owners and he was lovely and explained the product in great detail. Will be an ongoing customer.

Ps does wonders for my knee pain.

Tee x

Misty McKen - 23/01/2022

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