Take a peek behind the scenes

And say hello to water soluble CBD, and goodbye CBD oil.

Mee is everything you want CBD to be

You'll find water soluble CBD works super fast, is reliable and makes taking CBD a joy. Our plant scientists have done the hard work so you don't have to.

Mee Organic CBD Pack
Mee Organic CBD Drops

Fast Onset

Mee’s smart formulas get to work for you in mere minutes. Usually between 5 to 30. No need to wait for hours. That’s because water-soluble products are scientifically proven to deliver for you in record time versus oils. A daily victory to enjoy.

Dependable Dosing

Mee CBD water-soluble formulas are smooth sailing throughout your body. Up to 90% of the CBD gets reliably delivered. Meaning a single 20mg CBD dose can feel like you’ve had 100 to 200mg CBD dose of oil.

Easy to Take

Simply add Mee CBD to your daily cup of tea, smoothie, glass of water, or you can also take the drops orally. Designed to sit next to your kettle, blender or on your bedside table for an easy reminder. Easy to integrate into your every day.

Mild to no Taste

Mee water soluble CBD is everything you want from broad-spectrum CBD oil but its cloaked in a special formula to disguise the taste. Better yet, you don’t need to hold it under your tongue.
Mee Organic CBD Drops
Mee Organic CBD Pack

Beautiful CBD that you'll love

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I cannot be without this powder.

I cannot be without this powder, it's been a huge help!

Susie Smith - 06/06/2022

Much quicker and stronger.

I have been using CBD for the last 4 years. I prefer this format to take it in rather than putting the drops under your tongue. I'm absolutely converted and won't be going back to CBD oils now. Keep up the good work, MeeCBD! #customerforlife

Sophie - 20/11/2020

Mee CBD!!

It’s amazing!

Jenny Cullen - 03/12/2020

Mee is a great CBD product.

Mee is a great CBD product. I drink with water as a shot before bed

Rachel Saunders - 13/12/2021

I highly recommend Mee CBD.

I highly recommend Mee CBD. It's a great product. Both product and customer service are excellent.
I can't thank you enough, guys.

Krzysztof Klimek - 28/01/2022

Best CBD I have taken and let me tell…

Best CBD I have taken and let me tell you, I've spent hundreds on other brands. Will be an ongoing customer.

Tee x

Misty McKen - 23/01/2022

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